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The Master Breeders of 2013

“The Master Breeder program is the most prolific accolade awarded by our Association.”
Over the next couple of weeks Cowsmopolitan will be sharing with you the 2013 Canadian Master Breeder Award winners in the Holstein, Ayrshire and Jersey breeds.
View our Master Breeder Profiles by clicking on the following links!

Filiale Holsteins

Joren Holsteins

Ferme Bergelait Inc
Ferme Bois de la Roche Inc (Fiestal)
Sunny Point Farms Ltd.
McIntosh Holsteins
Dandyland Holsteins
Malarky Holsteins

Claudale Ayrshires
River Dale Holsteins
Lacolline Holsteins
Willswikk Holsteins
Fieldhouse Holsteins
Alain Roberge/Allwick
Combination Holsteins
Craigcrest Holsteins
Du Murier


Not everyone is familiar with how the winners of this much coveted award are determined so we thought we’d fill you in on how Holstein Canada’s award system works!

Source: Holstein Canada
Each year, since 1929, Holstein Canada has recognized breeders among our membership for their cumulative breeding efforts. This award is the pinnacle of success for any Holstein Canada member. Since its inception, only 924 Master Breeder shields have been bestowed to Holstein Canada members. These “Master” breeders are recognized for having the best ratio for breeding cows that possess the complete package— high production and outstanding conformation, with high proficiency in reproduction, health, and longevity.

At the beginning of each year, Holstein Canada announces the new crop of 20 Master Breeders who are recognized at the National Holstein Convention later that year.

These breeders are selected based on the following criteria:
Over a 16-year birth window (2013: births 1994 to 2009)
*According to the Prefix included in the animal’s name
*Minimum of 5 females (75% + purity) per birth year on average
*One or more females born & registered in 14 of the 16 years
*Birth year of animals contributing to a previous shield must not overlap current birth window by more than 2 years.
*Animals contributing points to a previous shield do not contribute to a subsequent shield

Members are grouped according to the number of animals registered in a year.  If the average number of animals registered changes then the member is moved into the next category and only a specific number of awards are presented in each group per year.
The groups are broken down as follows:
5 to 9 registrations – 1 Award
10 to 14 registrations – 2 Awards
15 to 19 registrations – 3 Awards
20 to 24 registrations – 3 Awards
25 to 29 registrations – 3 Awards
30 to 39 registrations – 3 Awards
40 to 59 registrations – 3 Awards
60+ registrations – 2 Awards

Cows and Bulls are awarded points based on the following schedule:

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