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The most complete event coverage around! Our 2023 schedule is filling up fast! Contact us today to get your event on the calendar!

March 11-12: Western Classic Dairy Show, Tulare, CA

March 16-17: BC Holstein and Jersey Spring Show, Chilliwack, BC

March 29-31: Spring Dairy Expo, Columbus, OH

March 31 – April 2: New York Spring Dairy Carousel, Hamburg, NY

April 6-8: Southern National Show, Stillwater, OK

April 8: Maryland Spring Holstein Show, West Friendship, MD

April 11-12: Quebec Spring Show, Victoriaville, QC

April 14: Western Spring National Jersey Show, Turlock, CA

April 15: California State Holstein Show, Turlock, CA

April 19-20: Ontario Spring Discovery Show, Jerseyville, ON

April 19-22: Northeast All-Breeds Spring Show, West Springfield, MA

April 26-29: Wisconsin All-Breeds Dairy Showcase, Madison, WI

May 17-19: Western Spring National Show, Richmond, UT

June 7: Alberta Dairy Congress Junior Show, Rimbey, AB

June 8: Alberta Dairy Congress Jersey Show, Rimbey, AB

June 9: Alberta Dairy Congress Holstein and Red & White Shows, Rimbey, AB

June 12: Wisconsin Holstein District 7 Show, Seymour, WI

June 17: Maryland Jersey Field Day, Frederick, MD

June 20: Northern Illinois Holstein District Show, Freeport, IL

June 24: Mid-Atlantic Brown Swiss Invitational Show, Frederick, MD

June 24: Maxville Holstein Show, Maxville, ON

June 30: Wisconsin Holstein District 3 Show, Lancaster, WI

June 29 – July 1: Minnesota State Shows, Hutchinson, MN

June 29: Wisconsin Holstein District 10 Show, Manitowoc, WI

June 30: Wisconsin Holstein District 3 Show, Lancaster, WI

July 1: Wisconsin Holstein District 6 Show, Janesville, WI

July 6: Wisconsin Holstein District 4 Show, Marshfield, WI

July 6: Illinois Championship Junior Holstein Show, Lincoln, IL

July 7: Illinois Championship Holstein Show, Lincoln, IL

July 18: Midwest National Ayrshire Show, Beaver Dam, WI

July 18: Midwest Regional Milking Shorthorn Show, Beaver Dam, WI

July 22: New England Summer Holstein Show, Lyndonville, VT

July 22: Tennessee State Holstein & Friends Dairy Show, Lebanon, TN

July 26-28: Ontario Summer Show, Lindsay, ON

July 28-29: Mid-East Summer National Holstein Show, Columbus, OH

July 29: Midwest Guernsey Show, West Salem, WI

August 1-2: Iowa State Holstein Show, Manchester, IA

August 2: Massachusetts State Jersey Show, Greenfield, MA

August 2: New England Summer Milking Shorthorn Show, Greenfield, MA

August 4-5: Virginia Summer Showdown, Harrisonburg, VA

August 12: Guernsey Gold Showcase, Cortland, NY

August 12-13: Western NY Regional Holstein Show, Hamburg, NY

August 12-13: Erie County Fair, Hamburg, NY

August 16: New Jersey State Jersey Show, Woodstown, NJ

August 21-25: Wisconsin Championship Show, Madison, WI

August 30: Midwest Fall National Holstein Show, St. Paul, MN

September 10: Youth Dairy Classic, Manchester, IA

September 15: Northeast Fall National Holstein Show, West Springfield, MA

September 19-20: Eastern Fall National Holstein Show, Harrisburg, PA

October 1-6: World Dairy Expo, Madison, WI

November 3-12: Royal Agricultural Winter Fair, Toronto, ON

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