Mid-Atlantic Brown Swiss Invitational 2023

Saturday, June 24, 2023 @ 10 AM @ Frederick, MD

Jenny Thomas, OH

The Mid-Atlantic Brown Swiss Invitational 2023, also known as “the little All-American,” has ended with judge Jenny Thomas selecting her winning 5-year-old, A Joy T Snowfall, as Grand Champion for Peter Vail. The show as held June 24 at the Frederick Fairgrounds. Cowsmo was excited to be back in Maryland to cover the show with results and photos throughout the day thanks to the support of many generous sponsors!

Show Schedule

Saturday, June 24
8:30 AM… Showmanship (Judge: Kayla (Umbel) Barton, MD)
10 AM… Heifer classes begin
1:30 AM… Cow classes begin

Show Sponsors

Grand Champion - Open Show

Grand Champion – Open Show
A Joy T Snowfall, 1st 5-year-old, Peter Vail

Reserve Grand Champion – Open Show
Hills Valley Carter Flirty-ET, 1st senior 3-year-old, Peter Vail

HM Grand Champion – Open Show
Buschs Famous Jenna, 1st 4-year-old, Peter Vail

Senior Champion - Open Show

Senior Champion – Open Show
A Joy T Snowfall, 1st 5-year-old, Peter Vail

Reserve Senior Champion – Open Show
Buschs Famous Jenna, 1st 4-year-old, Peter Vail

HM Senior Champion – Open Show
Mase’s Manor Grandslam Love, 1st aged cow, Makenna Mase

Grand Champion - Junior Show 

Grand Champion – Junior Show
Mase’s Manor Grandslam Love, 1st aged cow, Makenna Mase

Reserve Grand Championr – Junior Show
Thunder Ridge Dyn Princess, 2nd junior 2-year-old, Ben Zeller

HM Grand Champion – Junior Show
Kourlyn Mi TE Star, 3rd senior 2-year-old, Katelyn Bell

Senior Champion - Junior Show

Senior Champion – Junior Show
Mase’s Manor Grandslam Love (Grandslam), 1st aged cow, Makenna Mase

Best Bred & Owned – Junior Show
Mase’s Manor Grandslam Love (Grandslam), 1st aged cow, Makenna Mase

Reserve Senior Champion – Junior Show
IE JoBo D Snowy, 1st 4-year-old, Emma Brown

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Hills Valley Carter Flirty-ET, 1st senior 3-year-old, Peter Vail|

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Heiz-Acres Dbl Dare Punkin, 2nd senior 3-year-old, Billie Jo Rhodes

HM Intermediate Champion
Kruses Carter Jive-ETV, 1st senior 2-year-old, Peter Vail

Intermediate Champion Junior Show

Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Thunder Ridge Dyn Princess, 2nd senior 2-year-old, Ben Zeller

Reserve Intermediate Champion Junior Show
Kourlyn Mi TE Star, 3rd senior 2-year-old, Katelyn Bell

HM Junior Show
IE Northkill Creek 729, 4th senior 3-year-old, Hannah Balthaser

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Kruses ACC C Just Dance-ETV (Carter), 1st fall yearling, Glamourview Farm Iager & Walton

Reserve Junior Champion
Northkill Creek Ghost Town, 1st winter yearling, Hannah Balthaser

HM Junior Champion
Rad-ical R WhishUpon A Star, 1st summer yearling, Lindsey Rucks

Jr Champion Jr Show

Junior Champion Junior Show 
Northkill Creek Ghost Town, 1st winter yearling, Hanna Balthaser

Reserve Junior Champion Juniorr Show
Blessing Garbo F Whitney, 1st fall calf, Katelyn Taylor

Spring calf (6)

1. Dublin Hills Souffle-ET (Prospect) (1st Jr), Braxton Lasley
2.  Edge View Rasta Roxie-ETV Rasta), Billie Jo Rhodes
3.  Apex Carter Luxe(Carter), Dylan Fry
4.  Breeze Ridge F Diana-ETV (Foremost) (2nd Jr), Chloe Setzenfand
5.  Laurlind Skyhigh Showout (Skyhigh), Levi Pickett
6.  GM2 Daredevil Sarona (Daredevil), Richard Morris

Winter Calf (17)

1. Breeze Ridge SallySue (Rampage) (1st Jr), Zoe Lasley
2.  Dublin Hills Flippy-ET (Rasta) (2nd Jr), Brazton Lasley
3.  Breeze Ridge Tank Riley (Tank), Reed Becze
4.  Spring Vale Rasta Wishes-ET (Rasta), Jonathan Hubbard
5.  Hills Valley Cadence Truly-ET (Cadence), Andrew Kimball
6.  Dochaven Famous Wynonna (Famous), Alexis Sherry
7.  Breeze Ridge F Dixie-ETV (Foremost), Chloe Setzenfand
8.  Hills Valley Bush Rhea (Bush), Kiley Little
9. Haley Jonmar Suede (Jonmar), Haley Wilson
10.  Bellvalley Pistol Humdinger (Pistol), Brynlee Deeter

Fall Calf (17)

1.  Blessing Barbo F Whitney (Famous) (1st Jr) , Katelyn Taylor
2.  Stylin R Prestyn-ETV (Rampage), Leslie & Linda Bruchey
3.  Round Hill Acres Formo Wrigley (Foremost), Cynthia Warner
4.  A Joy RF Narnia ( Flush), Abbie Evans
5.  Edge View D Whip It-ETV (Daredevil), Billie Joe Rhodes
6. Stylin S Harper (Seaman), Leslie & Linda Bruchey
7. Way Lyn Famous Paris (Famous) 2nd Jr, Kyle Johnson
8. DJ Dynamite Corona (Dynamite), Dale & Deanna Bendig
9. Breeze Ridge Sarge Tilly (Sarge), Bryanne Keller
10.  Peach Kist Foremost Tiktok (Foremost), Carly Nowell

Summer Yearling (15)

1. Rad-ical R WishUpon A Star (Rampage), Lindsey Rucks
2. A Joy Rasta Pasta (Rasta) Andrew & Abbie Evans
3. Northkill Creek Get Groovy (Carter) (1st Jr), Hannah Balthaser
4. Peach Kist Dare Raindance (Daredevil), Jenna Lenhart
5. La Rainbow Sweet Sangria (Lover), Cynthia Warner
6. Henzelwood Rampage Wabash (Rampage) (2nd Jr), Alexis Sherry
7. Chamion View Bosephus HipHop (Bosephus-ET), Ellie Widerman
8. Shadow Valley Daredevil Halo (Daredevil), Amelia Somers
9. A Joy DD Tictactoe (Daredevil), Billie Jo Rhodes
10. Reich-Dale Huge Wikileaks (Huge), Hayden Reichard

Spring Yearling (14)

1. Northkill Creek Stella (Tequila), 1st Jr, Hanna Balthaser
2. Mases Manor Lethal Weapon (Secret Weapon), 2nd Jr, Makenna Mase
3. Kourlyn Carter StarLight-ETV (Carter), Kourtney Bell
4. Breeze Ridge FP Sindy Lou (First Place), Zoe Lasley
5. A Joy Sugar On Snow (Winrite), Brooke Calkins
6. Jenlar Famous Whiskey-ETV (Famous), Bellistar Partners
7. Rad-ical Phan Showcase (Phantom), Lindsey Rucks
8. Mile High Weapon Joyful (Secret Weapon), Brandon Deeter
9. Kourlyn Carter Starbright-ETV (Carter), Katelyn Bell
10. G Outlaw Diego Katalina-ET ( Diego), Gianna Novak

Winter Yearling (15)

1. Northkill Creek Ghost Town (Richard) 1st Jr, Hanna Balthaser
2. Jennings Gap Win Suprise (Winrite), Billie Jo Rhodes
3. Just So W Tassel (Woody), Peter Vail
4. Dochaven DDevil Party Girl (Daredevil), Jeffrey Mckissick
5. Breeze Ridge Pickles (Bosephus) 2nd Jr, Zoe Lasley
6. Kourlyn Rising Star (Falling Star), Katelyn Bell
7. Champion View DD Harmony (Daredevil), Cindy Warner & Ellie Widerman
8. Dublin Hills Tweets-ETV (Krunch), Shanna Lasley
9.  Hilltop Acres FC Wenna-ETV (First Choice), Trey Daubert
10. La Rainbow Sweet Steph-ETV (Tank), Matthew Leather

Fall Yearing (8)

1. Kruses ACC C Just Dance-ETV (Carter), Glamourview Farm Iager & Walton
2.  Fairdale Daredevil Talia-ETV (Daredevil), Peter Vail
3. Jenlar Rasta Wyoming-ETV (Rasta), Billie Jo Rhodes
4. Edge View F Destinee-ETV (Famous), Peter Vail & Clark Woodmansee
5. Blue Heaven W Wendy-ETV (Woody), Dylan Fry
6. Mase’s Manor Make Me Famous (Famous) 1st Jr, Makenna Mase
7. Peach Kist Tequila Time-ETV (Famous), Jenna Lenhart
8. Burlin Daredevil Roulette (Daredevil), 2nd Jr, Lincoln Mongold

Jr Best Three (5)

1. Breeze Ridge Farm, New Brighton
2. Andrew & Abbie Evans, Little Meadows, PA
3. Jenna Lenhart, Thurmont, MD

Summer Jr Two-Year-Old (2)

1. A Joy MrDs Boudoir (Mr. Dependable), Machala Kuhlman
2. Random Luck Total Perfection, Peter Vail

Jr 2-Year-Old (4)

Junior 2 year old (4)
1. Empire Winrite Lotus (Winrite), Dylan Fry
2. A Joy GW Clique (Glenwood), Abbie Evans
3. Haley Diego Wynonna (Diego), Haley Wilson
4. GM2 Diego Gipsie (Diego), 1st Jr,  Sydney Spence

Senior 2-Year-Old (9)

1. Kruses Carter Jive-ETV (Carter), Peter Vail
2. Thunder Ridge Dyn Princess (Dynamite) 1st Jr, Ben Zeller
3. Kourlyn MI TE Star (Dynamite) 2nd Jr, Katelyn Bell
4. A Joy D Sundae (Drake), Peter Vail
5. Shadow Valley Foremost Tally (Foremost), Amelia Somers
6. Stox Martini Twist Twin (Martini), Trey Daubert
7. Riddle Me This Ga Lavender (Gamechanger), Hayden Weaver
8. Four Seasons Famous Windy (Famous), David Schultheis
9. Champion View Shesahotshot (Woody), Carly Nowell

Jr 3-Year-Old (3)

1. A Joy R Snowy (Rasta), Connie Kuhlman
2. Arethusa Phamtom Axel (Phantom), Peter Vail
3. Reich-Dale GW Watch Me (Glenwood), 1st Jr., Shaylin Reichard

Senior 3-Year-Old (6)

1. Hills Valley Carter Flirty (Carter), Peter Vail
2. Heiz-Acres Dbl Dare Punkin (Dare), Billie Jo Rhodes
3. Rad-ical Star of the Show (Gib), Lindsey Rucks
4. IE Northkill Creek 729 (Daredevil) 1st Jr, Hanna Balthaser
5. Peach Kist R Thanku Next-ET (Richard), Jenna Lenhart
6. GM2 Carter Sky (Carter), 2nd Jr, Sydney Spence

4 year old (6)

1. Buschs Famous Jenna (Famous), Peter Vail
2. Peach Kist L Tallahassee-ET (Lebron), Jenna Lenhart
3. Peach Kist On the Beach (Daredevil), Jenna Lenhart
4. IE JoBo D Snowy (Dynamite) 1st Jr , Emma Brown
5. Mase’s Manor Winmore Money (Winmore), 2nd Jr, Makenna Mase
6. Kruses Famous Jem (Famous), Shanna Lasley

5 year old (6)

1. A Joy T Snowfall (Thunder), Peter Vail
2. Peach Kist WF Tori (Formula), Jenna Lenhart
3. Spring Vale Willow-ET (Braiden), Jonathan Hubbard
4. Northkill Creek Shine (Daredevil) 1st Jr, Hannah Balthaser
5. Lucky Me J Criminal ( Jongleur) 2nd Jr, Olivia Champluvier
6. Dublin-Hills Lucky Star (Lucky), Kourtney Bell


1. Mase’s Manor Grandslam Love (Grandslam) 1st Jr., Makenna Mase
2. Just-In Braiden Paradise (Braiden), Justin & Ashley Kaufman
3. A Joy C Nissan (Carter), Abbie Evans
4. Graystone Osborn Total Gibson (Total), Dylan Fry
5. Peach Kist T Brinkley-ET (Thunder), Jenna Lenhart

Best 3 Females (3)

1. Andrew & Abbie Evans, Little Meadows PA
2. Jenna Lenhart, Thurmont, MD
3. Katelyn Bell, Frederick MD

Produce of Dam (4)

1. Jenna Lenhart, Thurmont, MD
2. Katelyn Bell, Frederick MD
3. Connie Kuhlman, Little Meadows PA
4. Chloe Setzenfand, New Brighton, PA

Novice Showmanship (5)

Avery Kauffman, Berlin PA

Junior Showmanship (9)

Brandon Deeter, Cochranton, PA

Intermediate Showmanship (15)

Makenna Mase, Cochranton, PA

Senior Showmanship (9)

Katelyn Taylor, Berlin, PA

Overall Champion Showman

Overall Champion Showman
Katelyn Taylor, Berlin PA  

Reserve Champion
Makenna Mase