2023 Western Classic Junior Dairy Show

March 11-12, 2023 @ Tulare, CA

Matt Mitchell, TN

The 2023 Western Classic Junior Dairy Show has concluded with exciting results! The show was held March 11-12 at the International Agri-Center in Tulare, CA. Matt Mitchell of Speedwell, TN sorted through the classes of eager junior exhibitors and their animals. Cowsmo was excited to be on-site bringing you photos and results of the event!

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Schedule of Events

Saturday, March 11 
10:45 AM… Western Classic Junior Showmanship
4:30 PM… ALL cow classes
Supreme Champion Cow will be selected at the completion of the cow show

Sunday, March 12
9 AM… ALL heifer classes
Supreme Champion Heifer selection will be at the completion of the show

Shows – Click the show below to see photos and results.

Supreme Cow

Supreme Champion
Stoney Point Colton Edele,Jersey, Lauren, Grace & Claire Starr, Tulare, CA

Reserve Supreme Champion
Calori-D CS Chief Porsche, Holstein, Mast & Fernandes Kids, Tulare, CA

Supreme Heifer

Supreme Heifer
MM Frank Ruthie, Jersey, Kamryn Kasbergen, Tulare, CA

Reserve Supreme Heifer
Milksource Trip-Red-TW-ET, Holstein, Van Exel, Zonneveld & Dongelmans, Lodi, CA

Outstanding Exhibitor
Kyleigh Forster, Bakersfield, CA

PeeWee Showmanship

Congrats to all of the participants!

Novice Showmanship (30)

1. Mackenna Mello, Santa Rosa, CA
2. Rylin Matheron, Hilmar, CA
3. Hannah Mello, Santa Rosa, CA
4. Kate Kasbergen, Tulare, CA
5. Kinley Martin, Tulare, CA

Junior Divison (32)

1. Phillip Airoso, Tipton, CA
2. Kamryn Kasbergen, Tulare, CA
3. Hansen Parreira, Pixley, CA
4. Jake Zunino, Bakersfield, CA
5. Jaelynn Wilson, Petaluma, CA

Intermediate Showmanship (

1. Lauren Silveira, Chowchilla, CA
2. Kestin Martin, Tulare, CA
3. Riley Whisper, Salinas, CA
4. Kaylee Green, Visalia, CA
5. Gino Wilson, Petaluma, CA

Senior Division

1. Josie Beoshanz, Woodland, CA
2. Jon Chapman, Keyes, CA
3. Luciano Zunino, Bakersfield, CA
4. Logan Silveira, Chowchilla, CA
5. Avery Oliveira, Stevenson, CA