Northeast All-Breeds Spring Show 2023

April 19-22, 2023 @ West Springfield, MA

David Hanson, MN | Tammy Voegeli, WI | Kevin Doeberiener, OH

The 3rd annual Northeast All-Breeds Spring Show 2023 has ended with the Jersey named Supreme Champion! See all of the Supreme photos below! The show was held in West Springfield, MA April 19 through April 22, 2023. Cowsmo was on hand for all seven breed shows with class by class photos and results! View the entire show gallery to purchase and download high resolution images by clicking here!

Show Schedule

Wednesday, April 19
11:30 AM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Red and White Show (Judge: David Hanson, MN)
4 PM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Guernsey Show (Judge: David Hanson, MN) 

Thursday, April 20
8 AM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Ayrshire Show (Judge: David Hanson, MN) 
1:30 AM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Brown Swiss Show (Judge: Tammy Voegeli, WI) 

Friday, April 21
8 AM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Milking Shorthorn Show (Judge: Tammy Voegeli, WI)
12:30 PM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Holstein Show (Judge: Kevin Doeberiener, OH) 

Saturday, April 22
8 AM… Northeast All-Breeds Spring Jersey Show (Judge: Kevin Doeberiener, OH) 
Supreme Champion to follow 

Show Sponsor

A special thanks to our very generous premier show coverage sponsor, Juniper Farm, for helping make it possible!

Supreme Champion

Supreme Junior Champion – Junior Show
Ms Mapleside Denver Camille, Holstein, Dylan Serge Slack, Bethel, VT

Reserve Supreme Junior Champion – Junior Show
Vale High Predator Rosette, Ayrshire, Peyton Wright, Owen & Lillian Roberts, DeKalb Junction, NY

Supreme Junior Champion – Open Show
South Mountain Whistlin Dixie-ET, Jersey, Ernest Kueffner, Terri Packard, David & Charity Packard, Boonsboro, MD

Reserve Supreme Junior Champion – Open Show
Lands-Brook KNH Chilli Pepper, Milking Shorthorn, Peter Vail, Englewood, FL

Supreme Champion – Junior Show
Du Sillon Victorious Caliente, Jersey, Sophie Depew, Argyle, NY

Reserve Supreme Champion – Junior Show
Heiview Reagan Eve, Ayrshire, Matthew Shults, Kelly Edsall, John Tryon, Sharon Springs, NY

Supreme Champion – Open Show
SSF VIP Janie, Jersey, RCD Jerseys, Ernie Kueffner, Terri Packard, Rodney Hetts, Boonsboro, MD

Reserve Supreme Champion – Open Show
Miss Pretty Playful-Red-ET, Holstein, Peter Vail, Maple Downs Farms II, Middleburgh, NY

Pre-Junior Showmanship

Congrats to all of the young participants in pre-junior showmanship!

Class 1 Showmanship (26)

1. Andrew Conroe
2. Tiffany Shultz
3. Sophie Depew
4. Bailey Bowen
5. Madison Rida
6. Giovanna DiGintio
7. Katelyn Sibley
8. Maddy Poitras
9. Derek Abott
10. Braylon Bowen

Class 2 Showmanship

1. Sara Forman
2. Grace Depew
3. Preston Peabody
4. Caroline Allen
5. Nolan Koebke
6. Lydia Ridley
7. Emmeline Puquet
8. Sylvia Johnson
9. Hope Miller
10. Reagan Kelley

Class 3 Showmanship

1. Nick Rowe
2. Jason Bagley
3. Brailey Livingston
4. Sydney Bullard
5. Jacob Shaw
6. Atlie Dunning
7. Mary Walker
8. Madalyn Perry
9. Briana Sheldrich
10. Kennedy Kimball

Advanced Showmanship

Master Showmanship

Master Showman
Sarah Hill

Reserve Master Showman
Katelyn Poitras

HM Master Showman
Sara Forman