The All-American Dairy Show

Sept 15-20, 2018 @ Harrisburg, PA

Paul Letourneau
123 Cows

All-American Dairy Show 2018The Complete Image Galleries from the All-American Dairy Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. Cowsmo was on-hand providing full coverage!


Show Sponsors

The All-American Dairy Show 2018 takes place September 15-20, 2018, in Harrisburg, PA. The show features nearly 2,000 of the top dairy cattle shown by over 1,000 of the best exhibitors in the U.S. and Canada. Thank you to all of our sponsors:

Backroad Creamery … Red & White Show
Blackfire Cattle Care … Red & White Show
Dale & Deanna Bendig … Milking Shorthorn Show
Elite Dairy … Brown Swiss Show
Hard Core Farm … Milking Shorthorn Show
Kuszlyk Cattle Co. … Milking Shorthorn Show
LyleStanley Trace LLC … Jersey Show
Merrillea Holsteins … Red & White Show
Ovaltop Holsteins … Red & White Show
Palmyra Farm … Ayrshire Show
Rivendale … Jersey Show
Signature Cattle … Jersey Show
Spring Valley & Heath Jerseys … Jersey Show
Town & Country Vet Clinic … Holstein Show
Underground Genetics … Jersey Show

Premier National Junior Shows

Cowsmo will be providing coverage of the Brown Swiss, Holstein and Red & White Premier National Junior Shows thanks to:

Pam Mandryck & D. Morrat .. . Brown Swiss Junior Show
Roll-N-View … Holstein Junior Show
Round Hill Acres … Brown Swiss Junior Show
Shady Lane Curtains … Red & White Junior Show

Supreme Champions of the Junior Show

Supreme Champion of Junior show
Plum-Line Reginald Velour, 1st 4yr Old Holstein, Brooke Carey, PA.

Junior Supreme Champion
Hill-A-Way Jordy Apache 1st Fall Calf of Red Holstein Show,  Sabrina Clark & Evan Hillegass, PA

Supreme Champions of the Open Show

Supreme Champions of the Open Show

Supreme Champion Cutting Edge Delilah (Thunder), 1st 5 yr Old, Senior and Grand Champion, Kyle Barton, FL

Junior Supreme Champion Savage-Leigh Lalas First-ET (Doorman), 1st Fall Calf, Junior Champion Holstein, Chase Savage, MD


PA Holstein Fall Championship Show

The PA Holstein Fall Championship Show will be held Tuesday, September 18, starting at 9am. Cowsmo will be covering the event thanks to our sponsors:

Debbie Cornman Studio
Dunn’s Pride Holsteins
Zimhaven Holsteins
Way-Har Farms

Show Schedule

Monday, September 17
8am … Premier National Junior Events
Ayrshire … Judge Jack Lomeo, Jr., NY
Brown Swiss … Judge Matt Lawrence, PA
Guernsey … Judge Nate Oleniacz, PA
Holstein … Judge Molly Sloan, WI
Jersey … Judge Mike Berry, OR
Milking Shorthorn … Judge Jack Lomeo, Jr., NY
Red & White …  Judge Jason Lloyd, NY

Tuesday, September 18
9am … PA Fall Holstein Championship … Judge Jack Lomeo, Jr., NY
1pm … Ayrshire (heifers) … Judge Molly Sloan, WI
1pm … Milking Shorthorn (heifers) … Judge Jason Lloyd, NY
1pm … Jersey (heifers) … Judge Steve Wagner, VT
5:30pm … Eastern Elite Sale

Wednesday, September 19
8am … Jersey (cows) … Judge Steve Wagner, VT
8am … Red & White … Judge Mike Berry, OR
8am … Guernsey … Judge Matt Lawrence, PA
8am … Milking Shorthorn (cows) … Judge Jason Lloyd, NY
1pm … Ayrshire (cows) … Judge Molly Sloan, WI
1pm … Holstein (heifers) … Judge Yan Jacobs, QC
1pm … Brown Swiss (heifers) … Judge Garrit DeBruin, WI

Thursday, September 20
9am … Brown Swiss (cows) … Judge Garrit DeBruin, WI
9am … Holstein (cows) … Judge Yan Jacobs, QC
1pm … Supreme Champion


Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the All-American Dairy Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

Eastern Fall National Holstein Heifer show here
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All-American Jersey Show here
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All-American Milking Shorthorn Show here
All-American Brown Swiss Show here
All-American Guernsey Show here
All-American Ayrshire Show here
All-American Supreme Open Show here  
AA Junior Holstein Heifer Show here
AA Junior Holstein Cow Show here
AA Junior Jersey Show here
AA Junior Red Holstein Show here
AA Junior Brown Swiss Show here
AA Junior Milking Shorthorn Show here
AA Junior Guernsey Show here
AA Junior Ayrshire Show here
AA Junior Supreme Champion here