The All-American Ayrshire Show 2018

Sept 18-19, 2018 @ Harrisburg, PA

Molly Sloan, WI

All-American Dairy Show 2018The Complete Image Gallery from The All-American Ayrshire Show 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.


Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the All-American Dairy Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

All-American Ayrshire Show here

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The All-American Ayrshire Show 2018 takes place September 18-19, 2018, in Harrisburg, PA, with Molly Sloan, WI, judging. Thank you to Palmyra Farm for sponsoring Cowsmo’s coverage!

Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Jomill Burdette Kalliope (Burdettte), 1st Fall Calf, Taylor Heeter, PA
Reserve Junior Champion
KNH-Endres Burdette Mayhe (Burdette), 1st Summer Yearling, Leslie Bruchey, MD
Honorable Mention Junior Champion
Heineman Vicking Carma (Vicking), 1st Winter Calf, Angela Heineman-Fuller, NY


Intermediate Champion
Marilie Reality Melana-ET (Reality), 1st Senior 2 Yr. Old, Galmourview Farm, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Old-N-Lazy Gentle Wipeout-ET (Gentleman), 1st Junior 2 Yr. Old, Peter Vail, FL

Honorable Mention Intermediate Champion
Mowry’s Ryder Gollee (Ryde), 1st Junior 3 Yr. Old, Katie Shultz, PA

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Palmyra Berkley P Ruth-ET (Berkley), 1st4 Yr. Old, Evan Creek, MD


Reserve Senior Champion
Hawvercrest Etglen Sizzzle (Bradock), 2nd4 Yr. Old, Izzy Bohrer, MD


Honorable Mention Senior Champion
Sunny Acres Riggins Ramona (Riggins), 1st100,000 Lb., Sunny Acres Farm, NY

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Palmyra Berkley P Ruth-ET (Berkley), 1st 4 Yr. Old, Senior Champion, Evan Creek, MD

Reserve Grand Champion
Hawvercrest Etglen Sizzzle (Bradock), 2nd 4 Yr. Old, Reserve Senior Champion, Izzy Bohrer, MD

Honorable Mention Senior Champion
Marilie Reality Melana-ET (Reality), 1st Senior 2 Yr. Old, Intermediate Champion, Galmourview Farm, MD

Spring Calves (9)

1. Palmyra Predator B Ruann-E (Predator), Magdalene Green, MD
2. Cedarcut Pred Corvette Co (Predator), Andrew Curtis Szalach, NY
3. Vales-Pride Vicking Exhalt (Vicking), Cadin Valentine, MD
4. Mandacres Prime Lollipop (Prime), Amanda Rottingen, NY
5. Sunny Acres Roush’s Karoli (Roush), Sunny Acres Farm, NY

Winter Calves (16)

1. Heineman Vicking Carma (Vicking), Angela Heineman-Fuller, NY
2. Old-Bankston-AI Wildfire-ET (Lochinvar), Izzy Bohrer, MD
3. Palmyra Predator B Ruth-ET (Predator), Magdalene Green, MD
4. Ulmstar SA/DD Call Me Troub (Calimero), Cadin Valentine, MD
5. Jomill Burdette Opera (Burdette), Jomill Farm, PA

Fall Calves (21)

1. Jomill Burdette Kalliope (Burdettte), Taylor Heeter, PA
2. Dale Vista Vicking Love ET (Vicking), Glamourview Farm, MD
3. Palmyra Lochinvar Charm (Lochinvar), Leslie Bruchey, MD
4. Nor-Bert Lochin Vesta (Lochinvar), Dillon Freeman, IN
5. LU-Jado DoubleWhammy Indigo (DoubleWhammy), Erika Caldwell, PA

Summer Yearling (14)

1. KNH-Endres Burdette Mayhe (Burdette), Leslie Bruchey, MD
2. Miller’s Tito Doris (Tito), Glamourview Farm, MD
3. Maple Dell Burdette Desiree (Burdette), David Patrick, MD
4. Steel Fire Dixon Julia (Dixon), Jeffery Winkler, MD
5. Jomill Predator O’Nono-ET (Predator), Jomill Farm, PA

Spring Yearling (14)

1. Old-Bankston JC Banner (Reagan), Izzy Bohrer, MD
2. Twin County Miracles Lucky (Burdette), Landree Fraley, PA
3.  Hill Haven Burdette Crimson (Burdette), Kirsten Feusner, PA
4. Old-N-Lazy March Madness-ET (Gentleman), Peter Vail, FL
5. Allen Farms Dozer Shiloh (Dozer), Fallyn Lantz, PA

Winter Yearlings (10)

1. Cedarcut Colata’s Crown-ET (Gibbs), Erin Curtis Szalach, NY
2. Homestead Acres Burdette (Burdettte), Brooklyn Peters, PA
3. Old Bankston Burdette Jeri (Burdette), Ashton Wilcox, NY
4. Delaplaine Blink Pringle (Blink), Sunny Acres Farm, NY
5. Mowry’s Burdette Gracious (Burdette), Chase Eller, PA

Fall Yearling (7)

1. Old-N-Lazy Gentleman Wham (Gentleman), Glamourview, MD
2. Stillmore Burdette Mow-ET (Burdette), Peter Vail, FL
3. Old Bankston LB Chrystal (Gentleman), K. Wilcox & A. Heineman-Fuller, NY
4. Maple Dell Boo Betty (Booth), Morgan Murray, MD
5. Sco-Lo Vicking Madison-ET (Vicking), Cecilia Winkle, MD

Junior Best Three (7)

1. Jordan Creek Gelber, MD
2. Jomill, PA
3. Angela Heineman-Fuller, NY
4. Brooklym Peters, PA
5. David Patrick, MD

Junior 2 Yr. Old (8)

1.    Old-N-Lazy Gentle Wipeout-ET (Gentleman), Peter Vail, FL
2. Fide Burdette Sybil (Burdette), Paige Demun, NY
3. Sunny Acres GM Kuriosity (G-Man), Sunny Acres Farm, NY
4. Marline Animate Kaboul (Animate), Sunny Acres Farm, NY
5. Locust-Spring Gibbs Percy (Gibbs), Eric Bogardus, NY

Senior 2 Yr. Old (3)

1.    Marilie Reality Melana-ET (Reality), Galmourview Farm, MD
2.    Sunny Acres TSB Katrysha  (Burdette), Sunny Acres Farm, NY
3.    Mowrys Lochinvar Sprinkle (Lochinvar), Peter Vail, FL

Junior 3 Yr. Old (8)

1.    Mowry’s Ryder Gollee (Ryde), Katie Shultz,PA
2.    Mowry’s Burdette Mojo (Burdette), Sabrina Clark, PA
3.    Locust-Spring Prime Snicker (Prime), Eric Bogardus, NY
4.    Maple Dell Burdette Dinah (Burdette), Morgan Murray, MD
5.    Waite’s Dozer Sophia (Reno), C&D Guernsey/Ayrshire, PA

Senior 3 Yr. Old (1)

1.    Myline D Copy Cat 815 (Dreamer), Austin Kopfer, PA

4 Yr. Old (6)

1.    Palmyra Berkley P Ruth-ET (Berkley), Evan Creek, MD
2.    Hawvercrest Etglen Sizzzle (Bradock), Izzy Bohrer, MD
3.    Braefield Calmero Orion-ET (Calimero), Sunny Acres Farm, NY
4.    Sunny-Acres Poker’s Godiva (Poker), Sunny Acres Farm, NY
5.    Honor-Roll Traveler Tacey (Traveler), Peter Vail, FL

5 Yr. Old (1)

1.    Maple Dell B-Deva-ET (Burdette), Sunny Acres Farm, NY

100,000 Lb. (1)

Sunny Acres Riggins Ramona (Riggins), Sunny Acres Farm, NY

Senior Best Three (3)

1.    Sunny Acres Farm, NY
2.    David Patrick, MD
3.    Dave and Jill Kopfer, PA

Produce of Dam (5)

1.    David Patrick, MD
2.    Joel Younker, PA
3.    Jordan Creek Gelber, MD
4.    David Patrick, MD
5.    Jomill Farm, PA

Dam and Daughter (2)

1.    Jordan Creek Gelber, MD
2.    Dave and Jill Kopfer, PA

Exhibitor's Herd (2)

1.    Sunny Acres Farm, NY
2.    David Patrick, MD

State Herd (3)

1.    Maryland
2.    New York
3.    Pennsylvania

Total Performance

Maple Dell B-Deva-ET (Burdette), 1st 5 Yr. Old, Sunny Acres Farm, NY

Premier Breeder and Exhibitor

Sunny Acres Farm

Senior Best Female Bred and Owner by Exhibitor

Palmyra Berkley P Ruth-ET (Berkley), 1st 4 Yr. Old, Senior Champion, Grand Champion, Evan Creek, MD