Premier National Red & White Show 2018

Sept 17, 2018 @ 8am @ Harrisburg, PA

Jason Lloyd, NY

The Complete Image Gallery from the Premier National Junior Red & White Show 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. Gran Champion went to the winning 4yr Old, Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd) owned by Matthew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA. The show was held September 17, in Harrisburg, PA, with Jason Lloyd, NY, judging.

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the All-American Dairy Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

AA Junior Red Holstein Show here
AA Junior Supreme Champion here


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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Hill-A-Way Jordy Apache-Red (Jordy), 1st Fall Calf, Sabrina Clark and Evan Hillegass
Reserve Junior Champion
Knonaudale Lite My Fire-Red (Jordy), 1st Winter Calf, Daniel Kitchen, PA
HM Junior Champion
ST. Jacob Lady Stark-Red-ET (Addiction), 1st Summer Yearling, Kayla Umbel, MD

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Savage-Leigh Classy-Red (Diamondback), 1st Junior 2Yr Old, Connor Savage, MD

Reserve Intermediate Champion
Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red (Heztry), 1st Sr 3Yr Old, Allison Galton, NY

HM Intermediate Champion
Guided-Path Dback Rose-Red (Diamondback), (1st Milking Yearling), Anna Post, NY

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd), 1st 4Yr Old, Matthew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA

Reserve Senior Champion
Lantland Destry Eagle-Red (Destry), 2nd 4Yr Old, Kirt Menzi, NY

HM Senior Champion
Oakland-View H Champ-Red-ET (Heztry), 1st 5Yr Old, Katelyn Nolt, PA

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd), 1st 4Yr Old, Matthew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA

Reserve Grand Champion
Savage-Leigh Classy-Red (Diamondback), 1st Junior 2Yr Old, Connor Savage, MD

HM Grand Champion
Lantland Destry Eagle-Red (Destry), 2nd 4Yr Old, Kirt Menzi, NY

Junior Calves (20)

1. PA Lyn-Leigh A Liquor-Red (Awesome), Colton Wayne and Kaleigh Lynn Hartman, PA
2. Miss Pretty Playful-Red-ET (Avalanch), Katelyn Taylor, PA
3. Ned-Acres Shauna Rouge-RE (Jacot), Caleb McGee, PA
4. Pheasant-Echos Diega-Red-ET (Jordy), Trinity Miller, MD
5. PA Lyn-Leigh A Emma-Red (Awesome), Kaleigh Lynn and Colton Wayne Hartman, PA
6. Castlemont Amo Sinclair-Red (Ammo), Katelyn Farley, PA
7. Cherrylily Snowhite-Red-ET (Jordy), Lily Marshman, NY
8. Glad-Ray-K Bombay-Red (Action), Michael McSwain & Heather Schronce
9. Skickhill Def Scenery-Red (Defiant), Madison Davis, PA
10. Er-Joy Ammo Diva-Red (Ammo), Clayton Liner, PA

Winter Calves (23)

1. Knonaudale Lite My Fire-Red (Jordy), Daniel Kitchen, PA
2. Lu-Jado Awesome Dorito-Red (Awesome), Erika Caldwell, PA
3. Showmar Karma 1437-Red ( Hypnotic), Dylan Brantner, PA
4. Castlemont Emerald-Red (Jacot), Michayla Stahl, PA
5. Pineybrook Jordy Carmen-Red (Jordy), Aidan Ream, PA
6. Bervalon Jacot Jazmin-Red (Jacot), Megan Smiley, PA
7. Kulp-Dale Jordy Lucky-Red (Jordy), Sabrina Clark, PA
8. Heart & Soul Anastasia-Red-ET (Awesome), Taylor Wole, PA
9. Oakland-View DB Diva-Red-ET (Diamondback), Patrick Youse, PA
10. Maple-Downs DB Alexa-Red (Diamondback), Trevor Bigelow, NY

Fall Calf (12)

1. Hill-A-Way Jordy Apache-Red (Jordy), Sabrina Clark and Evan Hillegass
2. Buffalo Creed D Camille-Red (Diamondback), Micheal Mcswain, Heather Schronce, NC
3. Ovaltop Rlty Fay-Red-ET (Reality), Justin Monte Wolfe, NY
4. Heart&Soul Athena-Red-ET (Awesome), Matthey Boop, PA
5. Tiger Lily Derr Rhyme-Red (Derringer), Lily Marshman, NY
6. Granny Anne Rainyt Misty-Red (Barnie), Caitlin Bennett, NY
7. Gem-Rock Barbwire Essie-Red (Barbwire), Ainsley Sellers, PA
8. AL-BE-Farms Dfint Daphy-Red (Defiant), Lexie Moore, PA
9. Glenmild Awsm Sandy-Red-ET (Awesome), Caden Hudson, PA
10. All Glo BC Kristoff Gia-Red (Kristoff), Brooke Cornell, PA

Summer Yearling (11)

1. ST. Jacob Lady Stark-Red-ET (Addiction), Kayla Umbel, MD
2. Bella-Ridge DB Maiden-Red (Dimondback), Trinity Miller, MD
3. Tiger Lily Magic Mazie-Red (Magical), Karly Marshman, NY
4. Lick-Spring Awesome Hot-Red (Awesome), Ryan Lawton, NY
5. Heart&Soul Angel-Red-ET (Awesome), Matthew Boop, PA
6. Cherry-Lor DBK Robin-Red-ET (Diamondback), Cael Hembury, PA
7. Milksource Armn Tazu-Red-ET (Tequila), Treven Andrews, PA
8. Millwork Ava Blitz-Red (Avalanch), Isaac Mills, PA
9. Linden-Loch HP Radiance-Red (Hypotic), Aubree A. Kenyon, BR
10. Cherry-Lor Dback Lashes Red (Diamondback), Cael Hembury, PA

Spring Yearling (12)

1. Lake-Effect Justright-Red (Defiant), Daniel Benedict, PA
2. Pheasant-Echos Tenny-Red-ET (Addiction), Natalie Youse, MD
3. McWilliams Dannon-Red (Contender), Michael McSwain, Heather Schronce, Ryan Zimmerman, MD
4. Hollo-Home Jillian 1474-Red Diamondback), Morgan Smoker, PA
5. Burns-Valley Delaney-P-Red (Ladd), Zoe Burns, PA
6. Er-Joy Defnt Destiny-Red (Defiant), Caden Hudson, PA
7. Cherry-Lily Shortcake-Red (Awesome), Cael Hembury, PA
8. Hollo-Home Jinger-Red (Diamondback), Julia Smoker, PA
9. Salter Adonis Lyric-Red (Adonis), Daniel Hoppaugh, PA
10. Cherry-Lor Malone Lea-Red (Malone), Trent Fogleman, PA

Winter Yearling (10)

1. Bur-Le-Acres Awesom Amy-Red (Awesome), Daniel Kitchen, PA
2. Dayspring Dimond Jingle-Red (Diamondback), Caleb McGee, PA
3. Oakland-View Legacy-Red-ET (Armani), Natalie Youse, MD
4. Fair-Meadow De Champane-Red (Defiant), Loren Putman, NY
5. OCD Armani-Red-ET (Armani), Sara Kennedy, PA
6. Endvick TG Tosha-Red (Topgun), Lexie Moore, PA
7. Rosedale Something In-Red (Barbwire), Aubree Route, PA
8. B-Ann Frizz Pop-Red (Frizz), Atumn Albright, PA
9. Empet Diamond Tamale-Red (Diamondback), Alex Empet, PA
10. Tiger-Lily AW Robin-Red-ET (Awesome), Trent Fogleman, PA

Fall Yearling (6)

1. A-MI-DA-SA DPRN Allison-Red (Prince), Octavia Bushey, GA
2. Windsor Manor Risky-Red (Malone), Bryce Zepp, MD
3. Rag-Em Awesome Alley-Red-ET (Awesome), Aubree Route, PA
4. Shorebrook P Butter-Red (Addiction), Caydence Macik, PA
5. Green-Broke Maline Sofia-Red (Malone), Tristen Wilcox, PA
6. Ms Tigerlily A Sissy-Red-ET (Awesome), Cael Hembury, PA

Milking Yearling (3)

1. Guided-Path Dback Rose-Red (Diamondback), Anna Post, NY
2. Lucke Diamondback Akiko (Diamondback), Sara Haag, PA
3. Fantasyland B Rosepetal-Red (Can7748330), Taylor Pool, PA

Junior 2Yr Old (10)

1. Savage-Leigh Classy-Red (Diamondback), Connor Savage, MD
2. Cherry-Lor Awe Rippy-Red-ET (Awesome), Cael Hembury, PA
3. Pheasant-Echos Tuvet-Red-ET (Integral), Patrick Youse, MD
4. Pineybrook C9 Crimson-Red-P (Cloud Nine), Aidan Ream, PA
5. Co-Vista De Prince Deb-Red (De Prince), Tristen Wilcox, PA
6. Dubeco Ladd-P Chaos-Red (Ladd), Jacob Copenhaver, PA
7. Klinedell Hyclass Amp-Red-ET (Hy-Class), Caitlin Bennett, NY
8. Reeds-Creek Bwire Jayla-Red (Barbwire), Dawson Hostetter, PA
9. MM-T Pockets Ziva-Red-ET (Awesome), Kolby Sample, NY
10. Tycho Addiction Roxy-Red (Addiction), Abbey Wolfe, PA

Senior 2 Yr Old (5)

1. Savage-Leigh Sugar-Red-ET (Awesome), Andie Grace Welsh, MD
2. Oakland-View Defnt 6632-ET (Defiant), Patrick Youse, MD
3. Londondale APJack Sally-Red (Applejack), London Alese, PA
4. Powe R Line Malone Dawn-Red-ET (Malone), Cody Comp, PA
5. Greenlea Okalif Car-Red-ET (Okalif), Cassandra Plummer, MD

Junior 3Yr Old (4)

1. Ovaltop Barbwire Spark-Red (Barbwire), Ashlyn Wolfe, NY
2. Stranshome All I Do-Red-ET (Armani), Tristen Wilcox, PA
3. Tiger Lea Mal Rindly-Red (Malone), Lily Marshman, NY
4. Sandy-Hollow Add Rose-Red (Addiction), Andrew Wanner, PA

Senior 3Yr Old (8)

1. Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red (Heztry), Allison Galton, NY
2. Savagelee-TM Brita-Red-ET (Ladd), Kendall Welsh, MD
3. Suzie’s Ladd Serafina-Red (Ladd), Kirt Menzi, NY
4. Cherry-Lor ABS Lilly (Absolute), Matthew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA
5. Md-Delight Add Reese-Red-ET (Addiction), Gabe Dell, MA
6. Sample-KJ DPR Gracie-Red (De Prince), Kolby Sample, NY
7. Gem-Rock King Gingerale (King), Ainsley Sellers, PA
8. Lar-Wen Armani 225-Red (Armani), Delanee Cessna, PA

4Yr Old (5)

1. Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd), Matthew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA
2. Lantland Destry Eagle-Red (Destry), Kirt Menzi, NY
3. OCD Absolute Tipper-Red-ET (Absolute), Bryce Warriner, NY
4. Manor Meadows AB Dahlia (Absolute), Ethan Foor, PA
5. Garnet-Lane Loup-Macy-P-Red (Lou-P), Kyle Plummer, MD

5 Yr Old (5)

1. Oakland-View H Champ-Red-ET (Heztry), Katelyn Nolt, PA
2. L-Way Solut Persistence-Red (Absolute), Sabrina Long, PA
3. Stonden Bookem Dano (Bookem), Patrick Curley, PA
4. Greenlea GW Milly-Red-ET (Barbwire), Hayden Weaver, PA
5. Hc-Gen Duster Ladybug-Red (Duster), Austin Vance, PA

6 Yr Old (1)

1. KHW Kite Advent-Red-ET (Advent), Kodi Georgetti, PA

125,000 LB

M-Riverview Audra-Red-ET (Contender), Patrick Youse, MD

Best Bred and Owned

1. Savage-Leigh Classy-Red (Diamondback), 1st Junior 2Yr Old, Connor Savage, MD