Eastern National Holstein Show 2018

Sept 19-20, 2018 @ Harrisburg, PA

Yan Jacobs, QC

The Complete Image Gallery from The Eastern National Holstein Show 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.  Grand Champion was 4 year old, Trulea G W Atwood Candy exhibited by Glamourview Farm, MD in Harrisburg, PA, with Yan Jacobs, QC, judging.

Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the All-American Dairy Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Savage-Leigh Lalas First-ET (Doorman), 1st Fall Calf, Chase Savage, MD

Res. Junior Champion
Knonuadale Snylodge Jasmi (Jacoby), 2nd Fall Calf, Makayla Osinga, NY

HM Junior Champion
Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), 1st Winter Calf, Ella Hlavaty, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Midas-Touch-Jedi-Jangle-ET (Jedi), 1st Junior 2 Yr. Old, Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvalley Holsteins & London Dairy, NY
Reserve Intermediate Champion
Roll N View Def Bojangle (Defiant), 1st Junior 3 Yr. Old, Allison Galton, NY
HM Intermediate Champion
Ms Smith-Oak-PW D Maggie-ET (Doorman), 1st Senior 2 Yr. Old, Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvalley Holsteins & London Dairy, NY

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Trulea G W Atwood Candy (Atwood),1st 4 Yr. Old, Glamourview Farm, MD

Reserve Senior Champion
Ack-Lee Dempsy Passion (Dempsy), 2nd 4 Yr. Old, Jay Ackley, Pat Conroy, Peter Vail, FL

Honorable Mention Senior Champion
TC Sanchez Kristina (Sanchez), 1st 150,000 Lb., Eaton Holsteins, NY

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Trulea G W Atwood Candy (Atwood),1st4 Yr. Old, Senior Champion, Glamourview Farm, MD

Reserve Grand Champion
Ack-Lee Dempsy Passion (Dempsy), 2nd4 Yr. Old, Reserve Senior Champion, Jay Ackley, Pat Conroy, Peter Vail, FL

Honorable Mention Grand Champion
Midas-Touch-Jedi-Jangle-ET (Jedi), 1stJunior 2 Yr. Old, Intermediate Champion, Eaton Holsteins, NY

Spring Calf (24)

1. Ms Smith Oak Doorman Salsa (Doorman), Chris & Jen Hill & William Smith, MD
2. Delt-Air KT Kutlass (Tut), Jarred & Trisha Boyce, MD
3. Show-Mar D-Back Uppercut (Diamondback), Dylan Brantner, PA
4. Budjon-Abbott Avl Anitta-ET (Avalanch), Glamourview, MD
5. Maple-Flat-B Crush Delight (Crush), Hill & Enright Holsteins, MD
6.Lindlaur Diamondback Andie (Diamondback), Lindsay & Laren L’amoreaux, OH
7. Pheasant-Echos DRM Willy-ET (Doorman), Byron & Deborah Stambaugh, MD
8. Sweet-Peas Solomn Kelsey-ET (Solomon), Madison Soden, PA
9. Star-Rock Ammo-P 2416 (Ammo P), Colt Barley, PA
10. Budjon-Abbott Avl Angela (Avalanche), Matthew Edgin, PA

Winter Calf (22)

1. Keystone Solomon Allstar (Solomon), Ella Hlavaty, PA
2. McWilliams Attic Delight (Attic), Sam McWilliams, PA
3. Ms Eatonholme Payton-ET (Solomon), Madison Soden, PA
4. Ms Danielle S Destiny-ET (Solomon), Amanda Kennedy, PA
5. Savage-Leigh Selser-Red (Diamondback), Chase Savage, MD
6. Ms Roll-N-View Jacoby Dream (Jacoby), Kinsey Maes, PA
7. Ren-Bow Corvette Lollipop (Corvette), R. Baumbauer, O. Finke & L. Finke, OH
8. Lin-Ro Byway Audrey-ET (Byway), Chris & Jen Hill, MD
9. Eastriver Dempsey Coralie 5 (Dempsey), Glamourview, MD
10. Jozie-Acres Cinderdoor Excel (Cinderdoor), Dwi-Bet Farms, NY

Fall Calf (24)

1. Savage-Leigh Lalas First-ET (Doorman), Chase Savage, MD
2. Knonuadale Snylodge Jasmi (Jacoby), Makayla Osinga, NY
3. Ransom-Rail Adhere Willow (Adhere), Mallory Rhodes, NY
4. Sweet-Peas Defiant Aja (Defiant), Denise Lloyd & Matthew Pease, PA
5. Windy-Knoll-View Creamches (Solomon), Matt Hawbaker, Pat Conroy & Reese Burdette, MD
6. Windy-Knoll-View Potatochip (Sid), Reese Burdette, PA
7. All-Glo-O Kool Tully (Crush), Eaton Holsteins, NY
8. Milksource Admire-ET (Adhere), Mallory Rhodes, NY
9. Mases Manor Dback Luxury (Diamondback), Makenna Mase, PA
10. Ryan Crest Marlo Exciting (Mario), Chris & Jen Hill, MD

Summer Yearling (17)

1. Coredale Diamondback Ivy-ET (Diamondback), Cory Thompson, PA
2. Ms Elletras Solomon Echo (Solomon), Brook Corner Holsteins, PA
3. Comestar Larion Control-ET (Control), Hill, Hawbaker, Umble, & Bulldog Holsteins, MD
4. Garry Diamondback Bella (Dimonback), Allison Galton, NY
5. Windy-Knoll-View Chadelier (Sid), James & Nina Burdette, PA
6. Mic-Ali Brokaw Milka (Brokaw), Sara Haag, PA
7. Pheasant-Echos DB Willis-ET (Diamondback), Byron & Deborah Stambaugh, MD
8. Heart&Soul JK Dback Gypsy (Diamondback), Matthew Boop, NY
9. Plum-Line Diamond Applause (Diamondback), Brooke Carey, PA
10. Jo-Ry Equation Dixie-TW (Equation), Brook Calkins, PA

Spring Yearling

1. AHD Doorman Silk-ET (Doorman), Izzy Bohrer, MD
2. Midas Touch Solomon Cher (Solomon), Eaton Holsteins, NY
3. Ran-Can Alonzo Cliché-ET (Alonzo), Hill, Nell, Mewarth, Connelly, MD
4. Plum-Line Extra Naughty (Lotus), Brooke Carey, PA
5. Windy-Knoll-View Poser (Brady), Reese Burdette, PA
6. Uber-Holme Try To Defy Me (Defiant), Tom Uber, PA
7. Heart&Soul JK Solmn Glitter (Solomon), Matthew Boop, PA
8. S-Pine-Lawn Solomon Pie-ET (Solomon), Schuler Farms, LLC, PA
9. Sheed-C Sid Baby Bell (Sid), Anna Kennedy, PA
10. Brandt-View Archrival Mimi (Archrival), Ken & Rhoda Reist, PA

Winter Yearling (7)

1. Sweet-Peas GChip Alibi-ET (Gold Chip), Denise Pease, PA
2. Heart&Soul Gold Runway (Gold Chip), Matthew Boop, PA
3. Brigeen Brash Paddy (Brash), Glamourview, MD
4. Brush-Breek-Vu C Pretzel (Crush), Andrew  Blauser, PA
5. S-Pine-Lawn Solomon Sprint (Solomon), Schuler Farms, LLC, PA
6. Savage-Leigh Daniel Abbott (Daniel), Sinclairville, NY
7. Ms Klinedell Slm Mozelle-ET (Solomon), Jacob Kline, PA

Fall Yearling (6)

1. Xcaret Gold Chip Aria (Gold Chip), Izzy Bohrer, MD
2. Oakfield Archrival Dina-ET (Archrival), Jeff & Gayle Benedict, PA
3. Ovaltop Sid Kracker (Sid), Ashlyn Wolfe, NY
4. Luck-E Crush Oakley (Crush), Lauren Eslary, PA
5. Kulp-Dale Def Tara-ET (Defiant), Mekel Chard, NJ
6. True-View Dempsey Electrif (Dempsey), Jonathan Beiler, PA

Milking Yearling (7)

1.    Peace & Plenty Sennet Pros (Sennet), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
2.    Windy-Knoll-View Palazzi-ET (Sid), Jason and Nina Burdette, Frank and Diane Borba, PA
3.    Savage-Leigh Aw Luella (Atwood),  Renee Pierick, MD
4.    Windy-Knoll-View Panduro-ET (Sid), James and Nina Burdette, PA
5.    Dinas Sid Diva (Sid), Ransom Rail, Robert Landis and Olivia Gold, PA
6.    Mic-Ali Brokaw Milk Chocola (Brokaw), Sara Haag, PA
7.    Walk-Le Jacoby Justine (Jacoby), Connor Walker, PA

Junior 2 Yr. Old (12)

1.    Midas-Touch-Jedi-Jangle-ET (Jedi), Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvalley Holsteins & London Dairy, NY
2.    Roll N View Byway Lighting (Byway), Allison Galton, NY
3.    Pheasant-Echos Solomom In (Solomon),  Trinity Miller, MD
4.    Kul-Wave Defiant Finley RC (Defiant), Analise Stover, PA
5.    Schaufine Chrom Milan (Chrome), Brad and Amy Hoover, PA
6.    Windy-Knoll-View WB Pond-ET (Windbrook), Justin Burdette, PA
7.    Mcwilliams Defiant Josei (Defiant), Clyde and Charlene Mcwilliams, PA
8.    Jacobs Doorman Mail (Doorman), Quinn Dum, PA
9.    Ms Andreas Doorman Adele (Doorman), Sweet Peas Holsteins, PA
10.  Long-Haven McNutt Alanis (McCutchen), Glamourview Farm, Lager and Walton, MD

Senior 2 Yr. Old (9)

1.    Ms Smith-Oak-PW D Maggie-ET (Doorman), Eaton Holsteins, Clarkvalley Holsteins & London Dairy, NY
2.    Mawilliams Goldchip Faster (Gold Chip), Clyde and Charlene Mcwilliams, PA
3.    ST-Jacob Blake Angel (Blake), Connor and Chase Savage, MD
4.    Brook-Corner Door Welshe-ET (Doorman), Reid Hoover, PA
5.    Kingsway Doorman Andrea-ET (Doorman), Glamourview Farm, MD
6.    Windy-Knoll-View Caffeine (Sid), James and Nina Burdette, PA
7.    Spungold Airlift Netty (Airlift), Peter Vail, FL
8.    Claircrest Doorman Lila (Doorman), Edward Sekerak, PA
9.    Lantland Atwood Chex-Mix (Atwood), Jacob Menzi, NY

Junior 3 Yr. Old (6)

1.    Roll N View Def Bojangle (Defiant), Allison Galton, NY
2.    Peace & Plenty BR Jubie 2-ET (O’Kaliber), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
3.    Luck-E Powerball Addict-ET (Powerball), Brad & Amy Hoover and Boyd Schaufelberger, PA
4.    Peace & Plenty BR Jubie 3-ET (O’Kaliber), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
5.    Peace & Plenty OKB Jubie-ET  (O’Kaliber), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
6.    Liddleholme All About It (Mcgucci), Dunns-Pride Holsteins,PA

Senior 3 Yr. Old (12)

1.    Teebrook Dempsy Rebecca (Dempsy), Eaton Holsteins & Faris Dairy, NY
2.    Kingsway Goldwyn Lip Balm-ET (Goldwyn), Glamourview Farm, MD
3.    Savage-Leigh Gold Lala-ET (Goldwyn), Chase Savage, MD
4.    Willows-Edge Airlift Fallon (Airlift), Cyrus Conard, NY
5.    All-Glo Reginald Kallie-ET (Reginald), Justin and Ashley Kaufman, Corey Thomps, PA
6.    Elm-V-F-Braxton Sapphire (Braxton), Anita Menzi, NY
7.    Pheasant-Echos Brdnk Debbi (Bradnick), Trinity Miller, MD
8.    Cityview Doorman Sara (Doorman), Daniel Kitchen, Landree & Dokota Farley, PA
9.    All-Glo Reginald Kalilah-ET (Reginald), Walk Le, PA
10.  Hillmont Equation Carol (Equation), Quinn Dum, PA

4 Yr. Old (7)

1.    Trulea G W Atwood Candy (Atwood), Glamourview Farm, MD
2.    Ack-Lee Dempsy Passion (Dempsy), Jay Ackely, Pat Conroy, Peter Vail,  FL
3.    Peace & Plenty Gwn Blexann (Goldwyn), Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
4.    Plum-Line Reginald Velour (Reginald), Brooke Carey, PA
5.    Golden-Rose Abs Ginger-ET (Absoulute-Red), Cyrus Conard, NY
6.    Lantalnd Windbrook Hysteri (Windbrook), Jacob Menzi, NY
7.    Siemers Defiant Lauren-ET (Defiant), Allison Galton, NY

5 Yr. Old (7)

1.    Tuytel Atw Barbra 9-ET (Atwood), Connor Savage, Samuel Fisher, MD
2.    Foxmont J Goldwyn Dena-ET (Goldwyn), Jenna Fox, PA
3.    Peace & Plenty G Chip Punee (Gold Chip), Peace & Plenty, MD
4.    My-Style Brady Elf (Brady), Tom Uber, PA
5.    Hex Goldchip Hasana-ET (Gold Chip), Joe & Amy Leslie, PA
6.    Ms Andis GW Astra-ET (Goldwyn), Matthew Boop, PA
7.    Walk-Le Alexander Elise (Alexander), Walk Le, PA

6 Yr. and Older (7)

1.    Windy-Knoll-View Pandego-ET (Goldwyn), Justin Burdette, PA
2.    Luck-E Absoulute Tango (Absoulute-Red), Dunns-Pride Holsteins, PA
3.    Glean GW Relentless ET (Goldwyn), Vanessa Philson, PA
4.    Brookview Windbrook Lady (Windbrook), Pennwood Farms, PA
5.    Lantland Molson Cheddar (Molson Gold), Kirt Menzi Jr., NY
6.    Windy-Knoll-View Pantene (Pley), Reese Burdette, PA
7.    Walk-Le Pled Kathy (Pled), Cody Walker, PA

150,000 Lb. (3)

1.    TC Sanchez Kristina (Sanchez), Eaton Holsteins, NY
2.    Windy-Knoll-View Panini-ET (Goldwyn), James & Nina Burdette, PA
3.    Walk-Le Atlantic 1394 (Atlantic), Walk Le, PA

Senior Best Three (3)

1.    Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
2.    James & Nina Burdette, Pa
3.    Walk Le, PA

Produce of Dam (2)

1.    Peace & Plenty Farm, MD
2.    Walk Le, PA

Dam & Daughter (3)

1.    Justin Burdette, PA
2.    Connor Savage,MD
3.    James & Nina Burdette, PA

Exhibitor's Herd (2)

1.    James & Nina Burdette, PA
2.    Walk Le, PA

Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor

Premier Breeder & Premier Exhibitor
Windyknoll View, James & Nina Burdette, PA