The All-American Red & White Show 2018

Sept 19, 2018 @ 8am @ Harrisburg, PA

Mike Berry, OR

All-American Dairy Show 2018The Complete Image Gallery from the All-American Red & White Show 2018 is now available for you to view, share and purchase photos. Grand Champion of the show was Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red-ET (Heztry), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Allison Galton, NY.



Complete Image Gallery

The Complete Image Galleries from the All-American Dairy Show are now available for you to view, share and purchase photos.

All-American Red Holstein Show here

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Junior Champion

Junior Champion
Knonaudale Lite My Fire-Red (Jordy), 1st Winter Calf, Daniel Kitchen, PA

Res. Junior Champion
Entourage LC Felicia-Red (Hypnotic), 1st Winter Yearling, Matt Hawbaker, MD

HM Junior Champion
Hill-A-Way Jordy Apache-Red (Jordy), 1st Fall Calf, Sabrina Clark, PA

Intermediate Champion

Intermediate Champion
Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red-ET (Heztry), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Allison Galton, NY

Res. Intermediate Champion
Savage-Leigh Classy-Red-ET (Diamondback), 1st Junior 2yr Old, Connor Savage, MD

Senior Champion

Senior Champion
Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd P), 1st 4yr Old, Matthrew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA

Res. Senior Champion
Long-Brook RL Sweetie Pie-Red (Redliner), 1st 125,000lb. Cow, Marshman Farms & Hembury Farms, LLC, NY

Grand Champion

Grand Champion
Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red-ET (Heztry), 1st Senior 3yr Old, Allison Galton, NY

Res. Grand Champion
Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd P), 1st 4yr Old, Matthrew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA

Spring Calf (14)

1. Milk&Honey Jct Callista-Red (Jacot), Chris & Jennifer Hill & CLF, LLC, MD
2. Ned-Acres Shauna Rouge-Red (Jacot), Caleb McGee, PA
3. Miss Pretty Playful-Red-ET (Avalanche), Katelyn Taylor, PA
4. PA Lyn-Leigh A Liquor-Red (Awesome), Colton Hartman, PA
5. Ranway Incred Dancer139-Red (Incredibull), Dan Hosking, NY

Winter Calf (14)

1. Knonaudale Lite My Fire-Red (Jordy), Daniel Kitchen, PA
2. Heart&Soul Anastasia-Red-ET (Awesome), Matthew Boop, PA
3. Lu-Jado Awesome Dorito-Red (Awesome), Erika Caldwell, PA
4. Show-Mar Karma 1437-Red (Hypnotic), Dylan Brantner, PA
5. Rocklan Jordy Bailey-Red (Jordy), Brandon Gross, NY

Fall Calf (12)

1. Hill-A-Way Jordy Apache-Red (Jordy), Sabrina Clark, PA
2. SF-Shadylane DK Amazing-Red (Diamondback), Chip Savage, MD
3. MD-Hillbrook Instagram-Red (Awesome), Chris & Jennifer Hill, MD
4. Golden-Oaks Prissy-Red-ET (Jordy), Sarah Campbell, PA
5. Buffalo-Creek D Camille-Red (Diamondback), Michael McSwain & Heather Schronce, NC

Summer Yearling (12)

1. McWillimas Land Sadie-Red (Landsdown), Clyde & Charlene McWilliams, PA
2. Entourage-LC CP Frolic-Red (Crown P), Mike & Vanessa Uber, PA
3. We-Three Hyp Adriatico-Red (Hypnotic), Izzy Bohrer, MD
4. St. Jacob Lady Stark-Red-ET (Addiction), Kayla Umbel, MD
5. Tiger-Lily Magic Mazie-Red (Magical), Karly Marshman & Lily Marshman, NY

Spring Yearling (4)

1. Greenlea Ad Aruba-Red-ET (Addiction), Chris & Jennifer Hill, MD
2. McWilliams Dannon-Red (Contender), Michael McSwain, NC
3. Pheasant-Echos Tenny-Red-ET (Addiction), Natalie Youse, MD
4. Klinedell Bbwr Atlas-Red-ET (Barbwire), Jason Kline, PA

Winter Yearling (5)

1. Dayspring Dimond Jingle-Red (Diamondback), Caleb McGee, PA
2. MS RV QM GV Dbak Nam-Red-ET (Diamondback), Izzy Boher, MD
3. Fair-Meadow De Champane-Red (Defiant), Loren Putman, NY
4. Ovaltop BW Ragina-Red-ET (Barbwire), Michael Wolfe, NY
5. OCD Armani Lainey-Red-ET (Armani), Sara Kennedy, PA

Fall Yearling (4)

1. Entourage LC Felicia-Red (Hypnotic), Matt Hawbaker, MD
2. Ar-Line Awesome Wendy-Red (Awesome), Chris & Jennifer Hill, MD
3. A-Mi-Da-Sa Dprn Allison-Red (Prince), Octabia Bushey, GA
4. Ovaltop Ladd-P Ranait-Red (Ladd P), Michael Wolfe, NY

Junior Best 3 Females (2)

1. Michael McSwain, NC
2. Ovaltop Holsteins, NY

Fall Yearling in Milk (2)

1. Luck-E Diamondback Akiko (Diamondback), Sara Haag, PA
2. Guided-Path D Back Rose-Red (Diamondback), Anna Post, NY

Junior 2yr Old (8)

1. Savage-Leigh Classy-Red-ET (Diamondback), Connor Savage, MD
2. Cherry-Lor Awe Rippy-Red-ET (Awesome), Cael Hembury, PA
3. Fantasy-Found Luxury-Red (Awesome), Daniel Hosking, NY
4. Pineybrook C9 Crimson-Red-P (Cloud 9), Aiden Ream, PA
5. Stonehurst Defi Abigail-Red (Defiant), Marisa Reitnouer, PA

Senior 2yr Old (6)

1. Londondale APjack Sally-Red (Applejack), London Alese, PA
2. Roll-N-View Morwine-Red (Defiant), Chase Cashell, PA
3. Oakland-View Defnt 6632-ET (Defiant), Patrick Youse, MD
4. Linehan Prin Fahrenheit (De Prince), Matt Linehan, PA
5. Oakfield Def Selena (Defiant), Matt Linehan & Tim Borgardt, PA

Junior 3yr Old (5)

1. Tiger Lea Mal Rindly-Red (Malone), Lily Marshman, NY
2. Ovaltop Barbwire Spark-Red (Barbwire), Ashlyn Wolfe, NY
3. Ovaltop Defiant Rosebud-Red (Defiant), Douglas Wolfe, NY
4. Stranshome All I Do-Red-ET (Armani), Tristen Wilcox, PA
5. Sandy-Hollow Add rose-Red (Addiction P), Andrew Wanner, PA

Senior 3yr Old (7)

1. Budjon-Vail HZ Lacey-Red-ET (Heztry), Allison Galton, NY
2. Roll-N-View RB Joni-ET (Redburst), Allison Galton, NY
3. Cherry-Lor ABS Lilly (Absolute), Matt Boop & Cael Hembury, PA
4. Ms Action Rondella-Red-ET (Action), Sam, Clyde & Charlene McWilliam, PA
5. Sample-KJ DPR Gracie-Red (Prince), Kolby Sample, NY

4 Year Old Cow (5)

1. Cherry-Lor Ladd Ripple-Red (Ladd P), Matthrew Boop & Cael Hembury, PA
2. OCD Absolute Tipper-Red-ET (Absolute), Bryce Warriner, NY
3. Lantland Destry Eagle-Red (Destry), Kirt Menzi, NY
4. Dryhouse-M Prms Dori-Red-ET (Primus), Michael Yoder, PA
5. Manor Meadows AB Dahlia-Red (Absolute), Ethan Foor, PA

5 Year Old (3)

1. Ovaltop Piclo Sherry-Red-ET (Picola), Douglas Wolfe, NY
2. L-Way Solut Persistence-Red (Absolute), Sabrina Long, PA
3. Kevetta Redburst Taboo-Red (Redburst), Mark Hazelon, PA

Aged Cow (1)

1. Ovaltop Realty Robin-Red-ET (Reality), Michael Wolfe, NY

125,000lb. Cow (2)

1. Long-Brook RL Sweetie Pie-Red (Redliner), Marshman Farms & Hembury Farms, LLC, NY
2. Ovaltop Advent Fallon-Red (Advent), Michael Wolfe, NY

Senior Best 3 Females (2)

1. Michael Wolfe, NY
2. Cael Hembury, NY

Produce of Dam (2)

1. Michael Wolfe, NY
2. Cael Hembury, PA

Dam & Daughter (2)

1. Cael Hembury, PA
2. Michael Wolfe, NY

Exhibitors Herd (1)

1. Michael Wolfe, NY

Breeder & Exhibitor

Michael Wolfe, Ovaltop Holsteins, NY