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US Holstein Foundation Offers Dairy Judging & Showmanship Workbooks for Sale

The Holstein Foundation is pleased to offer printed copies of the popular Dairy Judging and Showring Ready workbooks for sale. Visit to view electronic PDFs of all the Holstein Foundation workbooks free of charge, or to place an order for Dairy Judging or Showring Ready online.

Dairy Judging (44 pages) takes readers through the basics of judging dairy cattle. It covers the PDCA Scorecard and major breakdowns with pictures, preparing and presenting oral reasons, assigning cuts and scoring placings, and the basics of linear evaluation. Several practice and resource activities are also included, such as a “parts of the cow” worksheet, practice placing cards which can be photocopied for a group, a beginner’s reasons worksheet, note-taking worksheet, and practice linear evaluation scoresheet.

Showring Ready (36 pages) covers everything a young dairy enthusiast should know to get started exhibiting dairy cattle. Topics include selecting your project animal, care for your show animals, halter training, washing, fitting your animal, what to expect at the show, showmanship guidelines, and more. Other included resources are growth standard recommendations for Holstein heifers, dairy project health, management and budget worksheets, and an example show sign. Several pictures are included through the workbook to demonstrate concepts and equipment discussed.

The workbooks may be purchased for $5 each, including shipping. If ordering 50 or more copies, the workbooks are $3 each. There is a minimum order of 5 workbooks (could be a combination of the two), and orders must be placed at least two weeks before delivery is needed; for rush orders, buyer will be responsible for the full rush shipping cost. Each has a color cover with black and white contents.

With questions or to place an order, contact Kelli Dunklee at 800.952.5200, ext. 4124, or visit to order online. Payment is accepted by credit card through the Holstein Foundation’s secure donation site, and workbooks will be shipped after payment is received

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