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Trans Ova Genetics Joins Forcers with ViaGen

Trans Ova Genetics of Sioux Center, Iowa is pleased to announce the acquisition of ViaGen of Austin, Texas. The two companies have been joint venture partners in the bovine cloning company, Bovance, since 2007.

“This is a tremendous opportunity for both Trans Ova Genetics and ViaGen,” says Dr. David Faber, President of Trans Ova Genetics. “We are delighted to bring the world class team of scientists and personnel from ViaGen to join forces with the Trans Ova Genetics team. Combining this elite group of reproductive experts under one roof will benefit all of the technologies in our reproductive toolbox.”

ViaGen will now operate as a wholly owned division of Trans Ova Genetics. They will continue to serve the livestock industry by providing Genetic Preservation, Express Tissue Banking and Cloning services to many livestock species including horses, cattle, pigs, goats, sheep, and deer. In addition, ViaGen will also continue to provide Genetic Preservation services for all other non-primate mammal species.

Trans Ova Genetics will continue to help progressive cattle breeders effectively implement the entire reproductive toolbox of ART (assisted reproductive technology). This will include embryo transfer (ET), in vitro fertilization (IVF), sexed semen for use in ET and IVF, and ViaGen Cloning technology. Trans Ova Genetics has 20 locations across the U.S. with headquarters in Sioux Center, Iowa and has been serving the reproductive technology needs of their clients for over 33 years.

Bovance, the joint venture entity formed by these two parent companies in 2007, will transition its business components to ViaGen – a division of Trans Ova Genetics. Diane Broek, Cloning Sales and Marketing Manager for ViaGen indicated that “Bovance clients can rest assured that their agreements, cell lines and animals produced using cloning technology will be managed in the same place by the same people. The changes for our clients will be minimal.”

“We are very excited about the opportunities this acquisition presents to us as a business and the additional opportunities it will bring to our clients” says Blake Russell, President of ViaGen. “In addition to strengthening our domestic offering of services to all species, we look forward to interaction with collaborators from around the world that will help further advance this technology as a whole”

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