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US National Convention Meeting

Stephanie Aves reporting today from the National Convention meeting

Video of unveiling of new cow and bull paintings by Bonnie Mohr here

Holstein Association USA Annual meeting is in full force at today’s National Holstein Convention.  Holstein Associations President Chuck Worden welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting and gave an overview of the past year in the Holstein Breed.  John Meyer, Holstein CEO then gave an update on the services that Holstein USA offers. This year (2011) Holstein USA completed over 360,000 registrations, and over 66,000 transfers. The classification program saw an increase seeing more then 11,000 animals last year.  The financial statement and the Annual report were approved by the delegates. The Bylaw change that was proposed to the members were presented by Corey Geiger of WI who is chairman of the Bylaws:

Article II – Officers and Their Duties

Officers ART. II, SEC. I

(e) The President appoints an Association nominating committee. This committee must put forth one or more nominees for any of thethree (3) at-large Directors to be elected.

Regional nominating committees will report to the Association nominating committee whose chairperson will give the nominating committees’ report to the annual meeting.

New Subsection:

(f) If there are less than two (2) declared candidates for a Regional Director election who have filed a conflict of interest disclosure statement with the Executive Secretary by March 1 of the election year, that Regional Director position shall become an at-large position for two (2) terms unless the position is held by an incumbent.

Existing subsections (f), (g) and (h) re-lettered as subsections (g), (h) and (i).

This change was approved by all attended the meeting. Following the approval delegates from regions across the US spoke on behalf of themselves about their interest in being a delegate for the region they are representing and their backgrounds. The delegates are:

Three (3) Directors, one each in Regions 5, 8 and 9, will be elected for a term of three (3) years.

DECLARED CANDIDATES: R. Paul Buhr Viroqua, Wisconsin Region 5

Bill Wright McCornick, Utah Region 8

Patrick Maddox Riverdale, California Region 9

One (1) Director At-Large will be elected for a term of three (3) years.

DECLARED CANDIDATES: Dale Drendel Hampshire, Illinois

Jonathan Lamb Oakfield, New York

The Herd of Excellence Awards was then presented. The Herd of Excellence Award was developed to recognize Registered Holstein breeders that have bred and developed excellent herds made up of cows with superior type and production. To qualify for this award, the herd must qualify under the following criteria:

  • The herd must be at least 70% homebred.
  • The herd’s milk, butterfat, and protein production must exceed the year’s mature equivalent breed average by 25%.
  • The average actual classification score of the herd must be 83 points or more during the award year.

The herds that were recognized as the 2012 Herds of Excellence Recipients were:

Timothy Baker
Star-Summit Holsteins, Byron Center, Michigan 
92.6% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 88.1
ME Averages: 32,018M 1,238F 1,006P
4-Year Honoree

Joseph Brantmeier

Hilrose Holsteins, Sherwood, Wisconsin 
87.5% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 86.1
ME Averages: 34,043M 1,254F 976P
5-Year Honoree

Thomas J. Kestell
Ever-Green-View Farms, Waldo, Wisconsin 
76.1% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 84.1
ME Averages: 35,553M 1,371F 1,067P
2-Year Honoree

Randy W. Kortus
Mainstream Holsteins, Lynden, Washington 
97.8% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 83.4
ME Averages: 34,225M 1,471F 1,034P
3-Year Honoree


Bruce & Brenda Long
B-Long Holsteins, New London, Wisconsin 
98.2% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 83.7
ME Averages: 34,312M 1,204F 992P
5-Year Honoree

Daniel Vandertie
Doorco Farms, Brussels, Wisconsin 
100% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 87.3
ME Averages: 32,413M 1,202F 952P
2-Year Honoree

Tim & Sandy Ver Hage
Ver Hage Holsteins, Allegan, Michigan 
96.2% Homebred
Average Classification Score: 83.3
ME Averages: 32,215M 1,222F 965P
2-Year Honoree

Committee reports were given on Foundation, Legislative Affairs, Show, Junior Advisory, and International.

Holstein Association now has a new True Type Cow and Bull painting. Bonnie Mohr spent the last 7 months meeting a lifelong goal of hers to draw and paint the True Type of the Holstein. Today was the day Bonnie says “She has been dreaming of for her lifetime.” You can follow the steps Bonnie took to get through the process of creation of then true type at

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