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Outstanding Day at Musqie Valley Farms

It was quite the day at Musqie Valley Farms when they scored all five breeds! Their current stats are now 17 EX (10 being ME), 38 VG and 12 GP!

Musqie Sultan Marvelous now EX
Her dam is a VG Gammon sister to Martha ©Musqie

Classification Highlights
1st Lactation

Musqie Joel Millie now VG-85
Dillman Expander Agatha VG-85
Musqie Casino Crispy Crunch now VG-85
Musqie Barcelona Maniac VG-85
Musqie Victorious Mocha GP-83
Musqie Joel Maxine VG-86
Dillman Sidekick Sparrow VG-85
Dillman Fuel Panic GP-82
Greystone Novak Felicity now VG-85

2nd Lactation 
Marodore HP Novak Portia now VG-85
Dillman Doorman Lula now VG-87
Dillman Solomon Anna now VG-86
Musqie Christmas Cactus now VG-87
Musqie Yankee Carebear now VG-87
Dillman Dempsey Luanne now VG-87
Musqie Barcelona Mya now VG-87

3rd Lactation 
Musqie Premier Mango now EX-92
Dillman Solomon Riet now VG-87
Musqie Ladd Marla now EX

4th/+ Lactation 
Musqie Grandious Moya (7th) now EX-91-5E
Dillman GC Famous Last Words now EX-92-2E
Dillman Jessic Amelia (5th) now EX-92-3E
Musqie Sultan Marvelous now EX
Brown Heaven Fab LuckyLuke now EX-91-2E
Also congrats to Blitz Holsteins on ‘Musqie Premier Marybeth’ going GP 83 first calf

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