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Birkentree Holsteins Classification Highlights

Birkentree Holsteins from Rustico, Prince Edward Island scored 33 cows with the classifier this week and showcased some tremendous results!

Classification Highlights
1st lactation
Birkentree Doorman Rhea VG86
Birkentree Livewire Eve May VG 86
Birkentree Overwing Rylie VG 86
Birkentree Lineman Cindy VG 86
Birkentree Unix Elixis VG 85
Birkentree Wickam Ruby VG 85
Birkentree Unix Ryker VG 85
Birkentree Neveragain Sachi VG 85
Birkentree Sidekick Cassey VG 85

2nd lactation
Birkentree Dodge Andrea VG 88
Birkentree Elude Karmal VG 86

3rd lactation
Birkentree Control Clover EX ( 16 days fresh )
Birkentree Andre Sarah Beth VG 88
Birkentree Endure Emily VG 88
Birkentree Endure Breezie VG 88

Multiple Excellent
Birkentree Seaver Cassidy EX 91 2E
Birkentree DH Contrast Everly EX 3E

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