Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee: Suntor Lightning Jelica

Canadian Cow of the Year Nominee: Suntor Lightning Jelica

Suntor Lightning Jelica EX-93 5E 12* is bred and owned by Suntor Holsteins, a Master Breeder herd from Ormstown, QC. With her list of impressive daughters and undeniable production, Jelica is another great candidate for this year’s ‘Cow of the Year’ competition.

Suntor Lightning Jelica EX-93 5E 12*

Jelica currently has 19 classified daughters with more daughters calving in 2020. Her daughters are comprised of 4 EX, 13 VG and 3 GP who combine for an average of 13,867 kg’s of milk with 3.8% Fat and 3.1% protein. Jelica also has 10 VG granddaughters and 1 VG great granddaughter to date.

Jelica, who will turn 14 later this year, is currently in her eighth lactation and has produced over 148,000 kg’s of milk in her lifetime. She has also completed three Superior Lactations. Jelica’s ability to transmit her outstanding genes also allowed her to put a son in AI. Suntor Jed EX-93, sired by Shottle, had 3 EX, 24 VG and 50 GP daughters and was marketed by the former Foundation Sires.

Jelica transitioned easily to the new robots!

“Jelica is a cow that ticks all the boxes for us,” say Kevin and Amanda Sundborg, Jelica’s caretakers. “She is a cow that needs no special attention, she just does her job day in and day out and it’s a trait she’s passed on to her daughters.” The Sundborgs transitioned from a tie-stall barn to a robot facility in the past two years and Jelica and her daughters have adapted very easily.

Jelica stands out in the barn with her long black frame and the way she carries her head. “She always knows when you’re watching her,” says Kevin, “her ears are always forward, and her presence is known in the barn.” Jelica has been creating excitement since she was two years old and her obvious flushing capabilities have really impacted the Suntor herd, which is dominated by descendants from this family. Jelica and her dam, Suntor Aeroline Joy EX 5E 13*, contributed one third of the points for the herd’s second Master Breeder shield which they received in 2014.

This is the first ‘Cow of the Year’ nomination for the Sundborgs and they are incredibly humbled by the honour. “Having the pleasure to work with Jelica all these years has been a great experience for our family,” says Kevin, “and she has made a lot of friends over her career as well, so we are thrilled to share this experience with them.”

Jelica’s impact has been felt from Quebec to Australia in herds that are now building their own legacies through the Jelica bloodline, a feat that has made the Sundborg’s even more proud of this year’s nominee! Congratulations!

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