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Alberta Milk is accepting applications for its New Entrant Assistance Program

Until March 31, Alberta Milk will be accepting applications to its New Entrant Assistance Program.

The program offers a quota loan at no cost to successful applicants who want to be dairy farmers anywhere in the province.

Under the program, every kilogram of quota purchased by the new entrant is matched by two kilograms by Alberta Milk (up to 25 kg/day) at no cost. This loan translates to enough quota to milk about 20 to 25 additional cows. It gradually expires beginning in the 11th year and is reduced to zero at the end of year 19.

“Since 2011, there have been 17 new dairy farms that have started milking, thanks to the New Entrants Assistance Program,” said Alberta Milk chair Tom Kootstra. “That means long-term benefits like more local jobs, more local milk, and more contributions to the rural economy. That’s something we’re really proud of.”

While using the program, new entrants can expand up to 100 kilograms per day of total quota holdings, or about 80 to 100 cows.

Applicants must submit a two-year financial business plan, a 10-year implementation plan, a risk mitigation plan, and a signed conditional letter from their financial institution agreeing to finance their operation. Alberta Milk is also still accepting applications for the Organic Entrants Assistance Program, a similar program designed to encourage growth in organic dairy production in Alberta.

More information can be found at Alberta Milk or by calling 1-877-361-1231.


Source: Alberta Farm Express

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