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Zoetis, CowManager and Select Sires Form Global Collaboration

Zoetis, CowManager® and Select Sires Inc. announced on February 10th the launch of a strategic collaboration to integrate genomic tools and predictive sensor systems. The goal of this collaboration is to create value for cattle producers in farm management through better advice supported by more accurate, intelligent cow data. When producers can make efficient, more informed decisions on-farm, they may ultimately achieve better cow health outcomes and business results.

Combining DNA Predictions, Real-time Analytics and Mating in One Convenient Space

Through traits and indexes developed by Zoetis — including the Dairy Wellness Profit Index® (DWP$®) — and CowManager’s ear sensor technology, farmers will have access to accurate information on health, fertility, nutritional insights and location.

“Many cattle producers are already on the cutting edge of leveraging precision agriculture to sustain and improve their herd,” said Jason Osterstock, Vice President, Precision Animal Health, Zoetis. “The combination of our DNA tools with CowManager’s sensor technology can afford producers the ability to make quicker actionable decisions in real time.”

As part of the collaboration, the team at CowManager will initially work to integrate DNA tool data from Zoetis into the CowManager dashboard to provide access to critical animal information, such as health and fertility events.

“We are beyond proud and look forward to combining forces with these two other industry captains,” said Guus Oostveen, CEO, CowManager. “Together, we strive to conduct in-depth research and tackle agricultural challenges to provide farmers with more in-depth cow data. This can not only help farmers worldwide prepare for the future and increase their herd health — it can also help them to run their businesses more successfully.”

The three-way collaboration also brings industry-leading support and expertise to help producers integrate management solutions to achieve desired outcomes. By combining on-farm analytics and increased reliability in genetic selection, improved herd management can be achieved.

“Our history with both CowManager and Zoetis has been a positive combination for producers, as they use monitoring technology from CowManager as well as genomic testing and the resulting Dairy Wellness traits from Zoetis,” said Todd Kranz, chief development officer, Select Sires Inc. “We look forward to continued cooperation and the resulting benefits for our dairy and beef customers.”

Cattle producers are encouraged to reach out to local Zoetis, Select Sires, or CowManager representatives to stay included in upcoming advancements around this exciting new collaboration.

As the world’s leading animal health company, Zoetis is driven by a singular purpose: to nurture our world and humankind by advancing care for animals. After 70 years innovating ways to predict, prevent, detect, and treat animal illness, Zoetis continues to stand by those raising and caring for animals worldwide — from livestock farmers to veterinarians and pet owners. The company’s leading portfolio and pipeline of medicines, vaccines, diagnostics, and technologies make a difference in over 100 countries. A Fortune 500 company, Zoetis generated revenue of $6.7 billion in 2020 with approximately 11,300 employees. 

CowManager® has revolutionized the world of cow management systems by inventing the active ear tag technology, based on generations of knowledge, science and the drive to improve every day. As a result, thousands of dairymen in over 40 countries rely on CowManager’s user-friendly ear sensor system for an accurate understanding of their cows’ fertility, health and nutrition status. 

Select Sires Inc. is North America’s largest A.I. organization and is comprised of six farmer-owned-and-controlled cooperatives. As the industry leader, it provides highly fertile semen as well as excellence in service and programs to achieve its basic objective of supplying dairy and beef producers with North America’s best genetics at a reasonable price. 

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