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Use of Blue Cow Logo Brings Together Two of Canada’s Most Iconic Brands

Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) is pleased to announce that McDonald’s Restaurants of Canada Limited will feature the famous Blue Cow logo in its popular $1 cones, $2 sundaes promotion this summer. In so doing, McDonald’s Canada joins a growing family of companies and products that are leveraging the Blue Cow logo to help consumers identify products made with 100% real Canadian milk.

“Dairy Farmers of Canada is very pleased to welcome McDonald’s Canada to the Blue Cow family,” said Pierre Lampron, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “McDonald’s Canada’s adoption of the Blue Cow logo speaks volumes about their confidence in Canadian dairy farmers and the stringent standards they uphold every single day in producing high-quality milk.”

“The inclusion of the Blue Cow logo in our summer soft serve campaign advertisement is important, as we want Canadians to know that we’re sourcing and supporting Canadian dairy that’s part of the classic McDonald’s soft serve they know and love,” said Jean-Guillaume Bertola, Director, Brand Strategy, McDonald’s Canada. “This relationship with Dairy Farmers of Canada is one of the many ways we are showcasing our commitment to our Canadian-based suppliers and farmers, and providing quality ingredients to our guests coast-to-coast.

In just a few short years since its launch, the Blue Cow logo has already become one of the most recognized and most trusted brands in the country. Nearly 500 licensees and more than 8,000 products now feature the Blue Cow, which has been recognized as one of the top three most influential logos in Canada, according to Cohesion Strategies. Nine out of ten Canadian consumers now recognize the logo.

The strength of the logo stems from the faith consumers have in Canadian farmers. The logo is underpinned by proAction®, the industry’s robust quality assurance program, under which Canadian farmers demonstrate high standards in areas such as food safety, sustainability and animal care.

“Canadians want to know what is in the foods they consume and where they come from, and the Blue Cow provides that clarity,” added Lampron. “It’s emblematic of the industry’s commitment to excellence in producing the high-quality Canadian milk ingredients used in the dairy products consumers enjoy.”


Provided by Dairy Farmers of Canada

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