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85 Point Average at Entreprises Marbrae Inc., Recent Classification Round

Despite one of the hottest weeks of summer at Entreprises Marbrae Inc., QC, the girls in the barn looked fantastic and their recent classification scores are proof of that with an 85 point average round! 

Marbrae Vision’s Peplum VG-87 ©Entreprises Marbrae Inc.

Classification Highlights

1st Lactation

  • Marbrae Vision’s Peplum VG 87 One of the very first Vision heifers calved and classified in the WORLD 
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Pomelo VG85
  • Marbrae Romancer’s Avery VG85
  • Marbrae Amazing’s Ivory GP84 87FL
  • Marbrae Adidas Kingston GP84 86MS
  • Marbrae Rubicom’s Anniston GP84
  • Marbrae Powerplay’s Katia GP83
  • Marbrae Bigstar’s Periwinkle -ET GP83 1 month fresh, full sister to Marbrae Bigtime at Semex
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Amora GP83 87DS
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Milestone GP83
  • Marbrae Revolution’s Praise GP82
  • Marbrae Bigtime’s Majestic GP82
  • Marbrae Arbiter’s Martha GP82

2nd Lactation

  • Marbrae Miajump’s Layla VG88 89MS&DS
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Raindrop VG88 EX90MS&FL
  • Marbrae Volvo’s Pandamonium VG87 89MS&FL
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Diva VG87
  • Marbrae Rubicom’s Delilah VG86 89FL
  • Marbrae Volvo’s Pledge VG86
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Casablanca VG85
  • Marbrae Volvo’s Pantene VG85
  • Marbrae Rev’er up -ET GP83

3rd Lactation

  • Marbrae Bigstar’s Lorna EX90 91MS
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Rumour VG88 (4 days fresh!!)
  • Marbrae Perfect’s Kendra VG88 89MS,R&DS
  • Marbrae Rockstar’s Avonlea VG87
  • Marbrae Jumper’s Pearly VG85
  • 4th Lactation+
  • Marbrae Costa Rica EX90 91MS&FL
  • Marbrae Oblique’s Rosetta -ET EX93 4E
  • Marbrae Peru EX94 5E
  • Marbrae Perlita -ET EX92 5E Full sister to Peru
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