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UK’s Jersey Dairy Co-operative receives top award for their milk standards

A major UK food retailer has given Jersey Dairy a top award for the high standards it applies when making products using milk from the Island’s world-famous breed of cow. 

Jersey Dairy – owned by a co-operative of Island dairy farmers – has been acknowledged by M&S, which sells its products in its local branches and food halls nationwide.

The food chain awarded Jersey Dairy the Double Gold Standard for exceeding their food safety standards.

Separately, the dairy has received a double A accreditation – the highest possible standard – by the British Retail Consortium.

The award from M&S follows regular audits and inspections of the dairy in Trinity to ensure that their expectations on food safety and integrity were being met.

Jersey Dairy is currently undertaking an Islandwide marketing campaign to encourage more Islanders to get behind the diary industry by drinking more fresh milk.

The promotion is in response to feedback from consumer surveys undertaken last year.

The campaign was launched in April with a photographic competition to find an image that summed up what was best about local milk.

This week it released an animated film online to extol the quality and benefits of drinking milk produced in Jersey by local farmers. The cartoon video can be seen at Jersey Dairy website and on Facebook.

‘Many of those who took part in the focus groups told us that there were lots of confusing and mixed messages about drinking milk and they wanted to know more about the benefits of drinking Jersey milk above other brands,’ Jersey Dairy managing director Eamon Fenlon said.

‘You will also see these facts on roadside banners around the Island and two of our lorries will also carry the positive messages.’

The messages include that Jersey milk can be more effective than water for rehydration after exercise and that its food miles are low, as local milk travels on average only 15 miles from farm to shop.

The winner of the photographic competition was Aubrey Garland (3), whose parents entered an image of her enjoying a glass of milk. Her family has won £500-worth of dairy products and the image will appear in a book the dairy is to publish in the summer.

Source: Jersey Evening post

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