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Taurus Service Inc. Announces New Releases

Taurus Service, Inc, your Source for Profitable Genetics is proud to announce the release of two sons of the world renown Pine-Tree Martha Sheen-ET VG-86.

This breed leading Dam of Merit all ready has the Taurus sire of outstanding type, 76HO0651 Ammon-Peachey MITCH at +2.86 PTAT, to her credit as well as being the dam of  Ammon-Peachey Shauna-ET VG-87 head of the tremendous cow family at Seagull-Bay that has produced Supersire and Headliner. New to the Taurus lineup are 76HO0691 Ammon-Peachey MILK DUD sired by RMW Armitage and the Misty Springs Supersonic son 76HO0692 Ammon-Peachey STOCKTON. 76HO0691 MILK DUD offers outstanding components with a +.21% fat and +.09% protein combined with a low 2.48 SCS. Boasting a +2.58 FLC, MILK DUD’s genomics indicate he will be that rare bull that sires tall, sharp, clean, open ribbed daughters with style without sacrificing correct feet and legs. 76HO0692 STOCKTON also promises solid components with a +.12% fat and +.07% protein. With a type proof indicating very balanced cattle with plenty of strength and width, STOCKTON looks to make fertile, long lasting daughters that will compete in any management system. Both with an aAa code of 342156, 76HO0691 Ammon-Peachey MILK DUD  and 76HO0692 Ammon-Peachey STOCKTON are available through your Taurus Service representative or by contacting the Taurus office.

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