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IPS Sires – #1 & #2 on SCR National Ranking

The August 2013 USDA calculations for SCR (Semen Conception Rates) scored the IPS (International Holstein Sires) sires at #1 and #2 on the National Ranking. 
“We are delighted that IPS had the top two Holstein bulls for SCR.  IPS has always strived to satisfy dairyman requirements of high semen conception.  Maintaining astute husbandry and quality semen processing techniques along with our standard of thirty million sperm count per unit of semen are contributing factors in achieving these results,” explained Ron Sersland, President and CEO of IPS.

The #1 proven SCR bull in the breed is 99HO6145 Barry at +8.1 on more than 3,700 inseminations with 93% reliability.  It is important to note that Semen Conception Ratings are calculated from the previous 18 months inseminations.  Barry was among the top three bulls of the breed two years ago at +5.0.  The bull was therefore promoted and used as a conception bull and yet his rating increased by three points.  Barry excels in udder composite at +1.95 along with a foot and leg rating of +1.37.  A solid fitness bull, Barry shows +1.8 productive life and 2.69 for somatic cell score.  He is also a calving ease bull, noted at 6.5%.  This conception specialist descends from six generations of Very Good or Excellent dams.An exciting genomic young sire for SCS at +6.8, 99HO7070 Jehoshaphat, is ranked #2 in the Holstein breed.  At 1,100 inseminations, Jehoshaphat’s rating increased from previous stats while being used for his well-known conception.   At +2035 GTPI, Jehoshaphat is sired by Planet while his dam is an Excellent classified daughter of Shottle.  With a laudable milk proof at +1,696, Jehoshaphat has a type rating of +2.14 and udder composite score just under +2.00.  And, his productive life mark is +3.2 along with a 6.7% calving ease.IPS is gratified in having two additional top ranked and heavily used bulls priced in the upper echelon with superior SCR.  First is 6HO1126 Rockwell at +2.2.  The second bull is 91HO4607 Cupid at +3.4.  Just behind Cupid is a new addition to the IPS proven sire lineup, 566HO1199 Cambridge with a +2.6 rating.  Cambridge’s maternal brother, 566HO0480 Chicago, is a Top 100 bull at #69 and rated a solid +1.4 SCR.  Altogether, IPS has EIGHT bulls over +2.0 SCR.  Several of the high ranked IPS bulls for SCR are priced for mating genomic leading females and/or flushing purposes and yet they accelerate for conception.

The IPS trendsetting sires for semen conception rate are available worldwide through a growing network of independent distributors and company employees.  Located in Rock Springs, Wisconsin – U.S.A., you may learn more about IPS through their website, www.ipssires.com or by calling toll free: 1.800.542.7593

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