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Robella Holsteins is hiring!

Are you a self motivated, reliable individual who loves working with good cows? We are currently seeking a full time permanent employee as well as a fall intern. Robella Holsteins is a 75 cow tie stall facility currently in the process of building a 100 cow robotic free stall barn.

Job requirements include but not limited to milking, calf feeding and care, tractor work including feeding and bedding of livestock. On farm housing is available. Wage will be dependent on experience.

This is a very exciting time for their farm as they look forward to moving into the new facility late fall!
Please email your resume and references to [email protected]

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Past Update

April 1, 2019: Robella Holsteins is hiring! They are currently seeking a motivated full-time employee, as well as a summer intern!

March 28, 2019: Robella Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with their success at the 2019 BC Spring

Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-95 2nd Aged cow and Reserve Grand Champion. Owned with Benbie Holsteins and Zimmer Holsteins.


  • Robella Sidekick Cocoabean 2nd Sr Calf
  • Rutti Cheif Empress 1st Jr yearling & J.C
    Owned with Benbie & Barrvalley
  • Robella Solomon Mercy 1st Winter yearling & Champion Bred and owned hefier
  • Robella Jasper Morgan 3rd Sr yearling
  • Premier Jr Breeder
  • Robella byway Whiplash 1st Jr 2 owned with Rocky mountain Holsteins
  • Webb view Butterballs McCutchen 2nd 5 yr ( pulled for Grand ) owned with Benbie & Lakefield
  • Zimmer Krusader Ava EX-95 2nd Aged cow and Reserve Grand! Owned with Benbie and Zimmer

March 16 2019: Robella Holsteins is loaded up and making their way west to the BC Spring Show in Chilliwack, BC. Safe Travels!

January 28, 2019: Robella Holsteins has updated their Facebook page with news on their 2018 All-Canadian Nominations.

September 21, 2018: Robella Holsteins, SK, shares some exciting classification results.

Preview Dempsey Royalty EX-94-95MS, owned with J-View , Zimmer & John SunderZimmer (pictured)

Krusader Ava EX-94 95MS, owned Zimmer & BenbieWendon Goldwyn Saviour EX-93, owned with Wendon & Conroy
Westliberty Absolute Red Satin EX-92, owned with Wendon & Lucky hill
Jamevall Haven Sanchez EX-92, owned with Blondin & Crasdale
RockyMountain Braxton Whisper EX-92, owned with Balgonie
Robella Midnight Melody EX-91, owned with Lampada
Robella Combat Cocoa EX-90
Robella Reginald Bacardi EX-90
Robella Windbrook Acura EX-90
Frahill Goldwyn Averlee EX-90
Robella Reginald Breeze EX-91-2E
Kenmar Dempsey Melody EX-91-2E
Robella Lampada jasper Macy EX-91-2E
Robella Re Design May EX-90-2E
Robella Lauthority Cologne EX-90-4E
Robella Guthrie Naughty EX-90-2E
Robella Sanchez Marabella VG-89-3yr
Robella Uno Haiku VG-88-3yr
Robella evolve Pepper VG-88
Robella Reginald Juicebox VG-87-3yr
Robella Sid Belize VG-87-3yr
Robella Goldwyn Acadia VG
Robella Reginald Missme VG

VG 2yr Olds:
Robella917newBalgonie Bookel Janilee VG-89 2nd calf Sr.2 (pictured)
Robella Millennium Emphasis VG-88-2yr
Robella Doorman Eve VG-87-2yr
Robella Doorman Safari VG87-2yr 2nd calf Sr.2
Westcoast Barbwire Aleda VG-87-2y
Robella Doorman Pamela VG-86-2yr
Robella Doorman Rusty VG-85-2yr
Robella Goldwyn Whistler VG-85-2yr
Robella Durbin Melissa VG-85-2yr
Robella Armani Allstar VG-85-2yr
Robella Midnight Madness VG-85-2yr

Robella Millennium Emphasis VG-88-2yr Robella Doorman Eve obella Doorman Eve obella Doorman Eve 

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