Registry Status of Guernseys Re-Adjusted Due to BBR

Registry Status of Guernseys Re-Adjusted Due to BBR

The American Guernsey Association announced today that two Guernseys, Faria Farms Crunch Superman and FRA Hib Malcolm Jessie, have both tested less than the 100%BBR required for full registry status in their herdbooks.
Registry Status of Guernseys Re-Adjusted Due to BBROn May 15th, the American Guernsey Association released this announcement:

Dear Association members and supporters,
The purpose of the America Guernsey Association and state partners is to provide leadership, promote programs, services, technologies and ensure the integrity of the breed to enhance the value of the Guernsey for the members, owners & breeders and the dairy industry worldwide.
To that end, the following reflects additional specifics relating to the recently approved board motions regarding the integrity of our registration and pedigree records system.
The AGA has found through approved genetic testing protocols that two Guernseys have been found to contain less than 100% Guernsey genomes;  FARIA FARMS CRUNCH SUPERMAN 68045809 31GU631 and FRA HIB MALCOLM JESSIE 3080579 have both tested less than required for 100% BBR.
Since neither have met the purebred threshold, their registered statuses have been re-adjusted to the PR and GT level respectively. Please refer to this release (click here) on the AGA board of director’s recent motions as to the handling of registering offspring.

Thank you.

Douglas Granitz
CEO & BOD Executive Secretary

American Guernsey Association

Source: American Guernsey Association

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