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RanWay Farm Classification Highlights

Shane and Shannon Schultz of RanWay Farm had a great classification day last week. They had 2 new Excellent and 2 multiple E cows. Highlights also included 11 VG 2-year-olds and 14 other new VG with several VGs raised. Their unofficial BAA was 108.7

4 head bred and owned with Mike Putman and Sylvia Bounds are listed below:

  • MS Tora RNWY Byway Terrific Ex 91 w/92 Mamm as a 3 yr old (Dam: 94 Sid Treva)
  • MS RNWY Tora Temptation-ETS VG 86 VG mamm as a Jr 2 by Solomon (Dam: 94 Sid
  • MS Tora Ranway Dundee Trivia VG 85 VG Mamm as a Sr 2 (Dak:VG 88 Brady, Grdam
    94 Sid Treva)
  • MS Tora Ran Can’t Crush This VG 85 VG Mamm as Jr 2 (Dam: Ex Dundee, GrDam 94
    Sid Treva)
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