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Progressive Breeders’ Registry Honors Top Registered Holstein® Herds

Holstein Association USA is pleased to announce the recipients of 2017 Progressive Breeders’ Registry. The Progressive Breeders’ Registry (PBR), established in 1937, recognizes top Registered Holstein® homebred herds based on elite milk production and classification scores. The Association’s longest running award honors over 200 breeders annually.

holstein-usa-logoTo qualify for the PBR award, a herd must be a member of both their national and state associations, enrolled in the Deluxe or Premier TriStarSM options, and participate in a classification option which provides a BAA (Breed Age Average). The herd’s BAA must be in the top 25 percent of herds classified in the 18 months prior to March 1 of the award year. Herds must have at least 20 cows which are 87% RHA or higher and at least 75 percent of the herd must be homebred.

Herds must exceed award-year production level cut-offs, which are based on the Mature Equivalent (ME) for combined fat and protein, and cut-offs are adjusted for each state based on the ME herd averages for that state, to compensate for regional differences in production levels.

All eligible herds are evaluated automatically each year. In 2017, 205 herds earned this distinction.

There were 23 first-time PBR honorees: Arethusa Farm, LLC, Conn.; Larry D. Grumbine, Pa.; Kevin M. & Annetta R. Herrington, N.Y.; Holtland Holsteins LLC, Wis.; Lamar H. Hoover, Wis.; Keith Horning, Wis.; Gerald & Kevin Ihm, Wis.; Seth W. & Ruth F. Jamison, Va.; Paul H. Johannssen, N.Y.; Bruce King, Jr., Pa.; Travis Lehnertz, Minn.; Misty-Moor Holsteins, Pa.; O-Bridge Farm, Wis.; Kenny Rohe, Minn.; Amy M. Ruegsegger, Wis.; Lance & Jonna Schutte, Iowa; Bill Seyller, Wis.; Peter W. Spike, Ohio; Viaduct Holsteins LLC, Wis.; Leroy E. & Brenda S. Walker, Pa.; Christopher C Weber, Wis.; Wieber Dairy LLC, Mich.; and Jeffrey A. Winton, N.Y.

Two herds have qualified for the PBR award for over 50 years: Keystone Farm in Pennsylvania is a 51-year PBR herd, and Walhowdon Farm of New Hampshire has received PBR honors for 57 years.

A complete list of this year’s recipients, along with those from past years, can be found at the Holstein Association USA website,

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