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Prince Agri Products Opens New Plant to Expand Production of Its Animate® Nutritional Specialty Product

Quincy, Ill. (March 31, 2014) – Prince Agri Products, Inc., has opened a new manufacturing facility to expand production of its unique, patented anionic nutritional specialty product, Animate®, that is designed to reduce the incidence of low blood calcium in transition cows.

Dean Warras, Prince Agri Products president, says the new 12,000 square-foot facility, located at the company’s headquarters in Quincy, Ill., will support a five-fold increase in Animate production to meet current and anticipated future demand by dairy operators in North America.

“The opening of our new Animate production facility not only reflects the improved performance that dairy producers have experienced by feeding Animate, but also Prince’s continuing commitment to the dairy industry,” says Warras. “Fresh cow health is one of the most important factors contributing to overall dairy success and profitability.”

During the transition period, dairy cows can experience a significant drop in blood calcium concentrations, resulting in milk fever, or slightly below normal blood calcium concentrations, which is classified as subclinical hypocalcemia. Either of these conditions can have a negative impact on herd health and milk production.

Animate has been proven to help maintain normal blood calcium concentrations in pre- and postpartum dairy cows. Because it is highly palatable, compared to other anionic salt products, it can help attain a negative dietary cation-anion difference (DCAD) diet while also maintaining high dry matter intake.

Ken Zanzalari, Ph.D., Dipl. ACAN, Animate product manager and dairy technology manager with Prince, said the company works closely with other industry members to promote improved transition cow health.

“Dairy producers, veterinarians and nutritionists rely on Prince as a valued partner in their business because of the success demonstrated by Animate and Prince’s ongoing commitment to research in order to evaluate and maximize its benefits to the industry,” he said.

About Prince Agri Products

Prince Agri Products, Inc. is a leading provider of high-quality trace minerals and nutritional specialty products that support nutrition for dairy and beef cattle, swine, poultry and companion animals. Prince offers innovative, science-based solutions that help enhance health, productivity and profitability in all classes of livestock. Prince is headquartered in Quincy, Ill., and is a division of Phibro Animal Health Corporation. For more information, visit Prince Agri  here or call 800-677-4623.

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