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MJ Candy DC Godiva Passed Away at 20 Years of Age

Most dairy cattle breeders strive for longevity. MJ Candy DC Godiva EX95 exemplified that trait, reaching her 20th birthday last October, and last calving in during her 19th year. Godiva passed away on February 13, 2017 at Woodmohr Jerseys in Bloomer, WI.

Woodmohr-Godiva-LineBred by Mallery Jerseys of Shafer, MN, Godiva joined the Woodmohr Jerseys herd in 2004. She was a Duncan Chief from an Excalibur daughter. In her lifetime, Godiva produced over 284,000lbs of milk, over 15,000lbs of fat and over 11,000lbs of protein.

She leaves behind a great legacy in her daughters, having 16 Excellent daughters to date, including three scored at EX95 (GB Jade Diva of Woodmohr, Woodmohr Pure Delight-ET and Woodmohr Marlos Ultra Devine); four at EX94 and five at EX93.

Some Excellent Daughters of Godiva

In addition to her daughters, Godiva has six EX granddaughters, including Woodmohr Marlos La T Da, who just recently scored EX95, as well as an EX93 and two EX92 granddaughters. She also has five more granddaughters scored VG85-88. In the third generation, Godiva has three EX great-granddaughters as well.

Some Excellent Granddaughters & Great Granddaughters of Godiva









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