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Masterrind December 2013 Proof Highlights

The December Sire Summary 2013 was again a very positive one for MASTERRIND and has seen an interesting group of new graduates particularly for the MASTERGEN line up.

After the merger with the cooperative WEU, which started October, 1st 2013, MASTERRIND’s position as the leading Holstein breeding program in Germany has been further expanded. With 4 bulls in the Top-10 for proven sires and 6 bulls in the Top 15 Black & White genomic sires in December Masterrind provides an Elite and diverse group of Top ranking bulls to its worldwide customer base. The December line-up also contains a valuable group of new release Red & White as well as Polled Holstein bulls to assure that our customers breeding for Red & White and/or Polled Holsteins have a greater variety on MASTERRIND options to select from.


The big winner in December among the popular MASTERPROVEN sires is Risbak Emidio, who also offers an alternative pedigree being an Encino son straight out of the EX-93 Manager daughter Joeline from Denmark. Emidio gained 4 points in Total Merit RZG as well as 4 points in production (RZM) due to a strong performance of his offspring in second lactation (RZG 134, GTPI 1993). The Emidio daughters have greatly developed in length and width throughout and impress by making high milk solids from strongly attached udders (RZE 126, 2,39 PTAT). In addition to that Emidio sires positive for all management traits.

Last rounds star arrival Bakombre maintained his pool position among all Baxter sons in Germany, placing #6 of the overall RZG rankings in December (RZG 140 RZG, 2098 GTPI). He more than doubled his number of second crop daughters leading to some decrease in production but gained several points for type based on 35 new classified daughters. Several teams have inspected Bakombre daughters in the past month and confirmed that his daughters have the ability not only to produce large volumes of milk with high compo- nents but also did get back in calf quickly and regain condition. He fits many different dairy systems as his uniform daughters have good strength and depth, with correct legs, functional rumps and well attached udders. Above that he is a calving ease bull with great figures for daughter fertility and longevity at the same time.

Elite Baxter sons from high-profile cow families:

Bakombre leads that group of exciting Baxter sons who all originate from World-Class Cow families. This includes Go-Farm Baxtino (Baxter x Goldwyn x BW Marshall) from the Jeffrey-Way T family (RZG 128, GTPI 2056), Battunga (Baxter x Stormatic x Durham) from the Walkup-Astronaut Lou Ann EX-94 family (RZG 127, GTPI 1960) and the new additions Clear-Echo Baxter BRADON (Baxter x Ramos x Hershel) from De-SU 521 Bookem’s family as well as BENSTRUP (Baxter x Durham x Elegant) from the cow family of Windsor-Manor Rudolph Zip EX-95. Baxtino remains among the Top Type sires from Germany and is known for his uniform, quality daughters with great dairy strength and beautiful attached udders. With another increase in milk production (+2098 kg, PTAM +2103) Battunga underlined his status as true milk bull combining that impressive production level with positive grades for all major fitness traits.

With Clear-Echo Baxter Bradon MASTERRIND offers a unique body trait specialist with a powerful out- cross pedigree. His dam, Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1200- EX-94, is truly one of the best Ramos daughters worldwide and a full sister of Clear-Echo 822 Ramo 1199-ET, the dam of De-Su Bookem. Bradon sires tall, strong front ended dairy cows showing plenty of body depth, an optimal rump structure and extremely high and wide attached rear udders. A similar type pattern displays Benstrup, who offers another tre- mendous pedigree, that of Windsor-Manor Rudolph Zip, the legendary brood cow who belonged many years to the best cows for productive life in the USA. The dam of Benstrup is Windsor-Manor Z-Delight-ET EX-93, a great bull dam herself and once high seller at the Regancrest Command Performance Sale in 2008 at 94,000 USD. Benstrup compliments his impressive BDC score of 130 with a high score for milk produc- tion and desirable figures for longevity and udder quality.

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Germany’s Top Bolton sons:

With the component specialist Barnkamper Björk (RZG 135, GTPI 1952) and the milk & body trait improver Bowers (RZG 131, GTPI 1952) MASTERRIND offers the #1 and #4 Bolton son in Germany.
This round Gen-I-Beq LAVISH (Bolton x Goldwyn x Durham) propels into the proven spotlight as an exciting Bolton grandson of the legendary one Million Dollar cow, Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94-CAN. Dam of Lavish is Lava, one of the “Golden Cross daughters” of Lila Z by Goldwyn, who is also the dam of Gen-I- Beq Lavaman. Lavish boasts a tremendous combination of high milk solids, desirable health traits and outstanding udders. With a +131 Udder score (2.92 UDC) Lavish can be easily called an udder specialist. His daughters display nicely blended fore udders, remarkably high rear udders with a deep udder cleft and snug overall attachments (RZG 127, GTPI 2011).

Great health traits and protein from alternative pedigrees:

For those who look for high milk and great management traits from diverse pedigrees, the new release Moscow son MOWAMBO (Moscow x Goldwyn x Ronald x Novalis) is a very interesting option. He has no Shottle, O-Man, Bolton or Planet in his pedigree and was popular already as a genomic young sire. Based on more than 100 first crop daughters Mowambo displays excellent figures for milk production and par- ticularly health traits. With his functional type pattern and remarkable management traits all across the board he can be called “Mr. Fitness” which should make him an appealing choice for all dairy producers worldwide. The health traits are even highlighted by remarkable figures for sire and daughter fertility. Above that Mowambo is an easy calving bull (RZG 130, GTPI 1834).

With Mars PYTHAGORAS (Planet x Mr. Sam x Sinatra x Novalis) appears MASTERRIND’s first Planet son on the new comer stage this round at 131 RZG, making him the highest proven Planet son in Germany. Py- thagoras hails from the well-respected Froukje family in Holland. His dam Froukje 385 VG-87-NL 2yr by Mr. Sam completes 9 generations of VG or EX cows. Next dam is the well-known Sinatra daughter Froukje 338, a great brood cow with several sons in AI. His first daughter proof shows Pythagoras to be a good production bull with a sound looking linear. He combines that with positive scores for productive live and calving ease (GTPI 1846).

Another interesting newcomer in December is Carrowcroft JENETOR (Jango x Goldwyn x Brett x Patron) (former named Carrowcroft Duplicate), the highest ranked Jango son in Germany who debuts with an RZG of 126. He is a descended from the well-known Snow-N Denises Dellia family, a cow family who has al- ready developed a large number of great proven bulls in the past. Dam of Jenetor is Goldwyn Debbie Joy, a high producing Goldwyn daughter who scored VG-88 with EX-90 for her udder in first lactation. Next dam is a VG-87 Brett, the dam of MASTERRIND’s second crop sire Finish (S. Finley). Great grand dam is the famous Patron daughter, Regancrest Debbie-Jo-ET EX-92, who bred over 10 VG or EX progeny. Jenetor daughters are hardworking, profitable cows suitable particularly for large free stall herds. They are great producers with medium stature and good strength and width throughout. Although being slightly posty in the legs his daughters show excellent mobility. Highlight of the quality udders are the wide and highly attached rear udders with a desirable strong suspensory ligament.

A perfect fit for a component and profit focused breeding program is Romko, (former named Alex 357) who originates from the successful cow family of Lyncrest Horizon. His VG-85 O-Man dam is the full sister to MASTERRIND’s high production sire Mainau. Romko displays great components along with functional type and that interesting sire stack: VG-85 Roumare x VG-85 O-Man x EX-91 BW Marshall x EX-90 For- mation x EX-91 Converse x VG-88 Bell Boss x VG-88 Winken. His daughters are of moderate size with great strength and perfectly structured rumps. Romko’s all-round qualities also include superior proofs for udder health and calving ease. Other attractive MASTERRIND sources for milk solids and particularly high protein percentages from outcross pedigrees are Engslevgaard Mascol MAVID (Mascol x Eminenz x T Burma), NOG Stolos (Stylist x Jefferson x Laudan) and the newcomer PASSOA (Pagewire x Shottle x Free- lance).

Highly Reliable Red & White Sires and Red Carriers:

Our popular Red & White and Red Carrier sires KHW Elm-Park Acme-ET RC, Elwood-Red or Jotan-Red all remained relatively unchanged at highest proof level. Acme RF and Jotan Red, the two maternal brothers to the original Apple, KHW Regiment Apple-Red EX-95 DOM, confirmed their position among the world’s leading Red Carriers and Red & White Holstein bulls by further adding large amounts of second crop


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daughters from more than 6 countries. Jotan particularly added another 700 daughters for production and over 200 for type in December and maintained his last genetic data nicely (RZG 123, TPI 1879). The Jordan-Red son Jotan is not only a great source of high milk solids from beautiful, snug udders; he has the ability to sire durable, long-lasting cows, who can even successfully participate in the show-ring.

MASTERRIND’s strong Red & White Line-up is complemented by the Lawnboy son LEVANT Red (Lawnboy x Classic x Origin) who sits in #6 position of the overall German RZG rankings. Levant not only boasts high production numbers (+2244 kg Milk, RZG 129, TPI 1876) for the Red & White breed; he also transmits superior udders with longer teats and is a true calving ease specialist.


The MASTERGEN bulls continue to dominate the German genomic Top list in December. The bull to be named first is Wendland Holstein GENESTAR (Genesis x Dorcy x Goldwyn x Shottle), who did catapult himself into the #3 position of the German Top list (RZG 158, GTPI 2239). Genestar’s exciting pedigree of 6 generations VG or Excellent dams goes back to Savage-Leigh Bellwood Linda EX-92-USA. He impresses with great values for milk & protein yield, excellent udder quality and phenomenal fitness traits.

With Laeschway Ssire STARHAWK (Supersire x Observer x Shottle), MASTERRIND offers the #1 Supersire son in Germany who is also the ninth ranked genomic sire available in the Top list (RZG 155, GTPI 2310). The Starhawk bull is backed by the well-respected Elyssa family of the popular brood cow Straussdale Spike Elyssa EX-92 and offers a great package of high production traits, positive productive life and supe- rior udders. Right behind him in 10th place and at RZG 155 confirms FANATIC (Freddie x Planet x Ramos) his exceptional status as one of Freddie’s most popular sons worldwide. The Elite member of the World- class family of Larcrest Shottle Cosmopolitan VG-87, still remains in the global spotlight while his first sons are already testing extremely high under the German genomic system. With the Beacon son Manor- haven Columbo, the Observer son Glamour Observer Harry MR and the Alexander son Ariondo MASTERRIND is proud to offer three more genomic sires from the Cosmopolitan’s, one of the hottest Cow families in the breed.

The longer list of German Epic sons is led by MASTERRIND’s last rounds new release sire Stantons Casual (Epic x Freddie x Lucky Star), a son of the heavily contracted Freddie daughter, Stantons Freddie Cameo VG-2Yr CAN who displays an outstanding blend of production, type and fitness traits (RZG 154, GTPI 2369, RZE 134, PTAT 2,53).

With a different paternal breeding moved Boldi AIR FORCE (Fernand x Observer x Shottle) into the ge- nomic spotlight, who is sired by the French Man-O-Man son Fernand. Air Force boasts high milk solids, remarkable health traits and with 136 a phenomenal proof value for udders (UDC 2,98). Last is no sur- prise since his fourth dam is MD-Delight Durham Atlee-ET EX-92, a tremendous individual herself and elite source for some of the world’s finest offspring for type (RZG 153, GTPI 2337).

MASTERRIND’s exciting group of high ranking Mogul sons from great international cow families (Molotov (RZG 154), Matchball (RZG 151) and Mozarella (RZG 151), is rounded up by two new genomic graduates, DROINTON Mr. President (Mogul x M-O-Man x Baxter) and MAGMA (Mogul x Gerard x Ramos). The high production sire Magma (+2213 kg, RZM 132) originates from the well-respected family of Jimtown Nata- shas Nice EX-93, a family that stands for great production and superior health traits. His high ranking dam LIM Gerard Nelly is the half-sister to our Top selling Bakombre son Babak as well as the genomic udder specialist Okan (S. Observer). Drointon (RZG 153) hails back to the well-respected Windy-Knoll Rudolph Promise family, the same family that developed many great sires including our daughter-proven Baxter son BAXCEL or the MASTERGEN bull Willsbrow Pilot MR (S. Man-O-Man). Drointon’s dam, Willsbro Pam- my Man-O-Man VG-85-UK, belongs to the highest genomic Man-O-Man daughters in Europe. Great Grand dam is Windy-Knoll Durham Pammy EX-95, a maternal sister to the Unanimous All-American 5-Year old, Wind-Knoll-View Pledge EX-95-USA. Drointon combines that type & udder power (RZE 135, Udder 136) from his family with appealing figures for milk & protein yield and productive life (RZN 130).

Drointon’s grand dam, Willsbro Baxter Pammy VG-87, is also the dam of MASTERRIND’s hot new release sire NABERG (Numero Uno x Baxter x Durham), a unique Numero Uno son with great attributes when it comes to show type as he ranks 137 for conformation (RZE), 135 for stature and 133 for overall udders.



Our group of leading genomic type specialists includes popular names like the Gold Chip son Gladiator (RZE 140), the Cameron son Regancrest-BH Cam Giant (RZE 138) or the Atwood son Ashwood (RZE 140). Noteworthy in that group is the widely used Bookem son Bangard (Bookem x Xacobeo x Shottle). His grand dam Tir-An Shottle America EX-90 DK is a maternal sister to the National Danish Champion of 2005, Tir-An Stormatic Amazone EX-92. Bangard complements his outstanding type proof (RZE 138) with high values for milk & protein, positive longevity and great maternal calving figures (RZG 148).

Enhanced Red MASTERGEN group offers great value and diversity:

The MASTERGEN Red section is stronger than ever. With RED MIST MASTERRIND offers another great member of the successful Huijben Pietje cow family, a family that has given us such popular bulls like the genomic sire of sons Huijben Jorck-Red (S. Jotan), Huijben Snow RC (S. Snowman) or the #2 daughter proven bull Elwood-Red (S. Elayo). Red Mist is the current #6 among the German genomic Top rankings for Red & White sires and comes with very high proofs for milk and protein, a perfect foot & leg score plus superior values for udder health and longevity (RZG 147, RZM 135).

Our strong group of Red component specialists which includes the intensively used MASTERGEN bulls Sacarno Red, Alonso Red and Future Dream H Amor Red has been further enhanced by the new genomic graduate DOLLAR-Red (Dakker x Destry x Shottle), a Red Dakker son from the cow family of the top per- former Wilstar Shottle Dreamy RC EX-90. This family has proven to stand for great records with highest components along with desirable type (RZG 136, RZE 129). With DAKITO Red (Dakker x Alando Red x Duplex) entered another Dakker son from MASTERRIND the newcomer stage this round. Dakito is truly a perfect package as he delivers an alternative pedigree, outstanding overall type (RZE 134), as well as su- perior production and health traits all at once (RZG 144).

Our new genomic bull ONE Red VCR did erupt into 3rd place of the German Top-10 for Red &White ge- nomic sires in December with a breath-taking RZG of 150 (!). One Red, who is co-owned with the coopera- tive RBB, is a carrier of the Rosabel factor, similar to MASTERRIND’s last rounds new graduate Evolution 2 Red VCR (Epic x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn). With Numero Uno x Aftershock x Stoneden Fools Gold Red VG-88 CAN, One-Red offers an alternative pedigree too and combines that with excellent production and fantas- tic proofs for type and udders (RZE 143, Udder 138).

Growing impact by MASTERGEN Polled sires:

The MASTERGEN Polled section has also seen a larger number of new December graduates making sure that our customers have enough options to choose from as the future lies in Polled genetics. Our popular sires of sons Coloredo P Red and Esperado P RDC, both from the world-famous Roxy family, have generat- ed enormous interest around the globe and remain among the best polled bulls available from Germany. In the same league plays Draxler P (Garret x Toystory x Durham), a fancy Polled & Red Dakker son with an RZG of 143 out of the famous Canadian Glen-Drummond Splendor VG-86 cow family. Another powerful Canadian family can be found behind LAMONT P (Ladd P x Man-O-Man x Goldwyn), whose grand dam is no other than Comestar Goldwyn Lilac VG-89-5YR-CAN 3* straight out of Lylehaven Lila Z EX-94 CAN (EX- 96 MS). Lamont P appears on the scene with a moderate milk proof, positive components and a remarka- ble figure for overall conformation (RZE 136).

Please enjoy studying the attached December proof lists and let us know if you have any comments and/or questions.

Your MASTERRIND Export-Team

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