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King Brothers Dairy will Fuel NYC Marathoners with Chocolate Milk

Gatorade and gel-packs aren’t the only thing that runners will be consuming after Sunday’s New York City Marathon.

KingsbrothersdairyKing Brothers Dairy, the Saratoga County-based farm and bottler, is sending 5,000 bottles of chocolate milk to dairy promoters who will give them to female runners after the race.

It’s part of a campaign to promote dairy products as healthy drinks that athletes such as marathoners can use to refuel after a grueling competition.

Specifically, King Brothers’ product will be provided to members of “Team Milk” as part of a campaign that is sponsoring a group of female competitors in the race.

Team members get pre-race training advice, as well as equipment and donations toward Girls on the Run, which promotes running sports among females.

The campaign was launched to support female athletes before, during and after the race and to promote the role of milk in sports recovery.  Studies have shown milk, which contains calcium, protein and other nutrients, might aid in muscle recovery after exercise.

“We’re really proud to be part of a campaign that empowers female athletes,” King Brothers Dairy’s Sarah Zdobnikow said of the program.


Source: Times Union

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