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Jersey Highlights – April 2022

The Pro$ formula in each breed is updated with the April genetic evaluation release each year. This annual update accounts for changes in milk prices (i.e.: revenue) received by farmers across Canada as well as estimated expenses related to heifer rearing and feed costs. In addition, new traits evaluated by Lactanet may be added to the Pro$ formula with appropriate relative weights based on scientific analysis. A genetic base update is also applied in April of each year to follow along  with genetic progress  achieved from year to  year.  Overall,  the  combination  of  these  changes has resulted in an average Pro$ decrease of $353 this round for the group of Top 100 Pro$ proven sires in December 2021.

Three Newly Indexed Cows Enter Top 10 GLPI List
Looking at the Top 10 cows for GLPI and Pro$, Lencrest Cocopuff maintains her strong hold at #1 for  both  lists  (#3  Fat).  There  are  three  newly  indexed  cows  this  April  that  draw  attention  by  entering the Top 10 GLPI rankings. The highest of these is Unique Mattador Madeline, who is a daughter of RJF Unique Mattador out of Redhot Victorious Mystique that makes her debut at #3 GLPI and #4 Pro$ (tied #6 Conformation). Troiscotes Chief Yessir also gets a great start in #5 GLPI spot (#22 Pro$) and she is one of the first milking daughters of JX River Valley Chief {6} ET born in Canada (dam is Troiscotes Viral Who). Heritage Channing Valenna is the third newly indexed cow achieving Top 10 GLPI status as she grabs #9 position (tied #58 Pro$, dam is Heritage Chrome Verna). In addition to Cocopuff and Madeline, the three other cows that penetrate the Top 10 list for both national indexes include Unique HP Mattador Heaven who jumps from #9 to #2 GLPI and from #39 to #6 Pro$, Jernomic Chief Minnie X at #2 Pro$ and #4 GLPI (#7 Milk, tied #2 Protein), and Redhot Matt Tesla ET at #6 GLPI and #7 Pro$. Completing the Top 10 GLPI list this round is Island Vivaldi Julie at #7 GLPI (#27 Pro$), Unique Tesla’s Myla at #8 GLPI (#11 Pro$, daughter of Tesla), and Guimo Rufus Jezabelle in #10 GLPI position (#16 Pro$). For Pro$, the full sister pair of Cocopuff daughters, continue to rank high as Lencrest Bourbon Cocopuff ET occupies the #3 Pro$ position (#12 GLPI, tied #5 Fat, tied #7 Protein), and Lencrest Sweet Bourbon and Coco lands at #5 Pro$ (#20 GLPI, tied #9 Fat, tied #10 Protein). The Top 10 Pro$ list this April is rounded off by JX Ahlem Megatron Tracy 43605 {5} at #8 Pro$ (#30 GLPI, #2 Fat), Unique Viral Marvel at #9 Pro$ (#17 GLPI) and Progenesis Trillium in the #10 Pro$ spot (#18 GLPI, #1 Fat). An additional newly indexed cow that gets off to a good start this round is Greenmoor Chief Ffion ET, who makes her arrival in #14 position for both GLPI and Pro$ (dam is Greenmoor Disco Fever).

On the sire side, while Golden GDK Vivaldi maintains his dominant lead as #1 for both LPI and Pro$ (#3 Fat, tied #8 Conformation), it is only Reyla Barnabas Channing at #2 LPI and #7 Pro$ that also achieves Top 10 status for both national indexes this round. Going down the Top 10 LPI list, the next two sires only change by 5 LPI points or less as River Valley Cece Chrome‐ET takes the #3 position  (#16  Pro$)  and  Dutch  Hollow  Chavez‐ET  keeps  his  #4  LPI ranking (tied #33  Pro$).  Hawarden Impuls Premier climbs one spot to #5 LPI (#19 Pro$), staying ahead of his son River Valley Magic Genie‐ET at #6 LPI (#32 Pro$), while Wilsonview IF Matt‐ET stays firm in the #7 LPI position (#21 Pro$). The Top 10 LPI list is rounded off with DJ Zuma at #8 LPI (#43 Pro$), Sunset Canyon Dazzler‐ET at #9 LPI (tied #53 Pro$, Premier son) and Shan‐Mar Lemonhead Kingston‐ET in the #10 LPI position (#18 Pro$).

Moving to the Top 10 Pro$ list, River Valley Pfennig Perfect Fit takes two steps forward as he grabs the  #2 Pro$  spot (#22  LPI) to  follow  Vivaldi. Dodan Dew‐Z Dewey‐ET  holds  on  to  his  #3  Pro$  ranking from December (tied #16 LPI, #8 Fat, #5 Protein) and Sun Valley Jive now falls behind him at #4 Pro$ (tied #79 LPI). Hawarden Dimension Pilgrim‐ET takes the #5 Pro$ position (tied #13 LPI, #2 Fat, maternal brother to Premier) and switches places with Ahlem Megatron Windstar‐ET, who is now at #6 Pro$  (#30  LPI, #7  Fat).  The  Top  10 Pro$  list  this  April  is  rounded  off with  Ahlem  Headline Pharoah 21795 at #8 Pro$ (#12 LPI, #3 Milk), Grammer Samson Keith at #9 Pro$ (#27 LPI) and MFW Sparky Impish‐ET in the #10 Pro$ position (#85 LPI, tied #8 Protein).

Among the newly proven bulls this round, it is Shan‐Mar Archer Knock‐Out‐ET that has the most success as he lands at #23 Pro$ (tied #45 LPI). Knock‐Out is a maternal brother to Kingston and a son of Gabys Archer‐ET out of Shan‐Mar Hilario Charlene‐ET. The highest newly proven sire for LPI this April is Guimo Jamie ET, who lands in #32 position (#147 Pro$) and is a son of Matt out of Guimo Dynamic Joyce ET.

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