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Holstein Highlights – April 2022

The Pro$ formula in each breed is updated with the April genetic evaluation release each year. This annual update accounts for changes in milk prices (i.e.: revenue) received by farmers across Canada as well as estimated expenses related to heifer rearing and feed costs. In addition, new traits evaluated by Lactanet may be added to the Pro$ formula with appropriate relative weights based on scientific analysis. A genetic base update is also applied in April of each year to follow along with genetic progress achieved from year to year. Overall, the combination of these changes has resulted in an average Pro$ decrease of $389 this round for the group of Top 100
Pro$ proven sires in December 2021.

Three Newly Proven Sires Penetrate the Top 10 List for Both LPI and Pro$
Among the ≈100 newly proven sires this round, three stand out due to their impressive achievement of Top 10 status for both LPI and Pro$. In fact, the highest of these, namely Peak AltaHothand‐ET (son of Hotline out of Minnigan‐Hills Darla‐ET, by Montross), arrives as the new #1 Pro$ sire and also grabs the #3 LPI spot. The second highest newcomer is OCD Bandares Cabernet‐ET (dam is OCD Rubicon Caitlyn 4553‐ET), who makes his debut at #4 Pro$ and #6 LPI. Midlee Hotline Andy‐ET (dam is Midlee Rubicon Audrey Hepburn) also achieves Top 10 status for both national indexes with his first official progeny proof and lands at #6 Pro$ and tied #10 LPI. Aurora AltaAntonio‐ET makes his debut as a newly proven sire and manages to penetrate the Top 10 Pro$ list in #8 position (#35 LPI, dam is Aurora Commander 16020‐ET).

When looking at previously proven sires, Westcoast Alcove maintains his hold at #1 LPI and now occupies the #2 Pro$ ranking (#2 Fat, #3 Protein). The two other sires that achieve Top 10 status for both indexes are S‐S‐I Silver Sonic‐ET, at #4 Pro$ and tied #10 LPI, as well as Progenesis Seducer at #7 Pro$ and #9 LPI. For LPI, Alcove is still followed by Farnear Delta‐Lambda‐ET in #2 position (#16 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation). Relatively little LPI change is also experienced by No‐Fla Capital 45499‐ET (#4 LPI, #29 Pro$) and Boldi V Gymnast (#5 LPI and #11 Pro$). The Top 10 LPI list is completed with Stantons Alligator at #7 LPI (#84 Pro$, tied #2 Conformation) and Murrayholm Glenhaven Cop‐ET at #8 LPI (#31 Pro$). Similarly, the Top 10 Pro$ list includes Progenesis Montfort in #3 spot (tied #13 LPI, #3 Fat, tied #5 Protein, maternal brother to Seducer) and is rounded off by Blumenfeld Gdanc Rumble‐ET at #9 Pro$ (#37 LPI) and Sandy‐Valley Licorice‐ET in #10 Pro$ position (#24 LPI).

In addition to the four newly proven sires that achieve Top 10 status this April, there are five more newcomers that manage to penetrate the Top 30 list for LPI or Pro$. The highest of these is Progenesis Hawai*RDC (son of Apprentice*RDC out of Progenesis Silver Honeysuckle) at #13 Pro$ (#31 LPI) and the next highest is Progenesis Moose (Eugenio son out of Progenesis Profit Margarita) at #15 LPI (#38 Pro$). Progenesis Guinness (Magnus son out of Progenesis Supershot Grace) makes his start at #18 Pro$ (tied #58 LPI, #2 Protein). Not far behind for Pro$ is the newcomer, Silverridge V Timberlake, in #21 position (tied #41 LPI), who is one the first two sons
of Imax proven in Canada and his dam is Silverridge V Sshot Earring. Similarly, on the LPI list, Farnear‐TJR‐BH Torque‐ET arrives tied in the #21 spot (tied #56 Pro$) and is a son of Mega‐Star out of MS Farnear Trudy Thyme‐ET.

A New Pro$ Queen is Crowned
As the highest newly indexed cow this round, Claynook Chris Renegade makes headlines as the new #1 Pro$ queen while also grabbing the #3 spot on the GLPI list. This daughter of S‐S‐I PR Renegade‐ET is among the first group calving in Canada and is out of Claynook Clinique Outlast. While Benner Alcove Jaynella is therefore forced into the #2 Pro$ position, she maintains her #1 GLPI ranking from December and climbs to #3 Fat. This April, there are nine cows that achieve the Top 10 status for both national indexes. This is true for the second highest newly indexed cow this round, namely Benner Alcove Jaydin, who makes an impressive entrance at #6 GLPI and
#7 Pro$. Jaydin is a full sister to Jaynella as well as Benner Alcove Jennifer at #5 GLPI and #8 Pro$ (dam is Benner Eugenio Jaymie at #11 GLPI and #13 Pro$). Westcoast Alcove Riza 7533 climbs both lists as she now occupies the #2 spot for GLPI and #3 Pro$ (dam is Westcoast Montana Riza 4700). Landing at #4 for both GLPI and Pro$ this April is Stantons Alcove Emotion (#4 Fat). Three
other cows penetrate the Top 10 list for both national indexes including Claynook Ziva House at #6 Pro$ and #9 GLPI (dam is Morningview Duke Zip at #1 Fat), Stantons Bighit Melody*POR at #7 GLPI and #10 Pro$ (dam is Stantons Very Mountain‐ET), and Stantons Alcove Admit at #9 Pro$ and in #10 position for GLPI (dam is Stantons Fortune Fifty). Full sister to Riza 7533, Westcoast Alcove Riza 7512 maintains her elite status among the Top 10 for GLPI, in #8 position, but loses ground on the Pro$ list, landing in #21 spot. To complete the Top 10 Pro$ list, Progenesis Medley Pie has a great start as a newly indexed cow by grabbing the #5 Pro$ position (#22 GLPI, tied #10 Fat, daughter of Progenesis Imax Poinsettia).

In terms of other newly indexed cows that attract attention this round, Kirlea Big Speckles hits the scene sharing the #1 position for Conformation with +16. Speckles is a daughter of Stantons Alligator‐ET out of Kirlea Solomon Polkadot.

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