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DairyTrace Announces Tag Order Delay

Our tag manufacturer, Allflex, completed a computer system conversion in November 2021. Even though Allflex has restarted its production, they have not yet reached an optimal production rate to return to regular delivery turnaround times.

The normal tag order delivery time frame is 3 to 4 weeks. Currently, delivery time is at 8 weeks, and this is expected to continue for future orders during the next few months as Allflex speeds up production to reduce the backlog of orders already placed.

Before your inventory gets too low, please ensure that you order your tags in advance allowing a lead time of 8 weeks.

What do I do if I am close to being out of tags?

If you are placing an order and your tag inventory is low, or have placed an order recently and are close to being out of tags and your new order has not yet arrived, contact the DairyTrace Customer Service representatives and they can assist you.

I’m out of tags. Will my proAction® Livestock Traceability validation be impacted?

Whether you need tags to identify your calves for recording and reporting or have a proAction® validation coming up in the near future, contact DairyTrace Customer Service to assist you with your tagging needs. The DairyTrace Customer Service representatives are aware of the potential impact on farmers, and measures have been put in place to fast-track tag orders that are considered urgent.

DairyTrace Customer Service: 1-866-55-TRACE (1-866-558-7223) or email [email protected].

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