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Iowa State University Scholarship Honorees Named

Four Iowa State University students will be each be awarded a $2,500 scholarship at the Dairy Science Banquet on March 5. These awards are donated by Eric and Nicole Lang in Brooklyn, Iowa, now for the fourth consecutive year.

Scholarship recipients are selected on the basis of adequate academic achievement, probability of graduating and propensity to lead a productive life and be a general asset to society. Scholarship honorees are selected based on an ongoing activity or service, professional or otherwise, that is of value to Iowa milk producers or dairy cattle breeders.

The 2017 ISU dairy science service awards will be in honor of the following people:
Barbara Rudy, Indianola, Iowa. Barbara is a life long Ayrshire enthusiast who got to know the Langs in the early 1970s when she moved to Iowa. For over 30 years she has operated the Iowa State Fair milking parlor, a service to many who exhibit dairy cattle in addition to the Langs.

Dale Thoreson, Allison, Iowa. Dale is a retired ISU Extension Dairy Specialist following 36 years in that field. For those years and the years since, Dale has contributed to the dairy industry in an assortment of ways, both professional and volunteer. This in addition to being involved in a family owned farm, and individual livestock activities.

Louis and Velma Zumbach, Coggon, Iowa. Velma passed away last year, joining Louie, who died in the early 1980s. Louis was, for many years, a large scale milk producer, breeder and importer of registered Ayrshires, and a friend of the Langs over three generations.

Douglas and Nancy Kiefer, Cedar Falls, Iowa. Doug and Nancy, in addition to farming, have for many years been the Dairy Cattle Superintendents at the National Cattle Congress Fair in Waterloo. Recent years have seen more dairy cattle exhibited in part because of the efforts of Doug and Nancy.

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