Deadline Approaching STgenetics 2020 Summer Internship

Deadline Approaching for STgenetics 2020 Summer Internship

The application deadline for the STgenetics 2020 Summer Internship is approaching it’s December 1st deadline!

STgenetics intern program offers students a selection of industry focuses, from herd management to genetic services. Make the most of your summer by working alongside and learning from our team!

STgenetics® is the preeminent sex-selecting service provider for livestock breeders, ranchers and
farmers worldwide who seek to maximize their herds’ productivity and efficiency through artificial
insemination breeding techniques.

The STgenetics® Summer Internship offers a wide variety of interest options for students to choose
from, such as marketing, sales, genetic services and animal husbandry. It gives interns the flexibility
to focus on their interests and tailor their internship to create the best learning experience possible. At
the end of the summer, all interns will be required to complete a project involving the focus of their
internship. This will be at the discretion of their overseeing manager.

View the descriptions of the focus options available through the STgenetics® internship program HERE.

Visit STgenetics website for more information!

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