Classification Highlights Kingsway Farms

Classification Highlights at Kingsway Farms

Kingsway Farms, ON had recent classification that involved a fun day around the farm with some great results!

Classification Highlights


KingsRansom Kboy Cantaloup VG-89 2yr (2nd lact) owned with JPB Millen
Hendercroft Doorman Bazinga VG-87 2yr owned with Riverdown
Sid Jackknife VG-87 2yr
Solomon A Banner VG-86 2yr
Dempsey Rosemary VG-86 2yr
Kingboy A Belle VG-85 2yr
Kingboy A Belinda VG-85 2yr
Dempsey Dutchie VG-85 2yr
Ralanes Goldwyn Bomber VG-85 2yr
Callen Donut VG-85 2yr
Dempsey Coke VG-85 2yr
Sultan Benny VG-85 2yr

Doorman Drew VG-88 3yr
Sid Accelerate VG-87 3yr
Goldwyn A Torrin VG-87 3yr

Doorman A Tabbie EX-90
Aftershock Ding A Ling EX-90
Windbrook Zola EX-92 2E
Goldwyn Elsie EX-90 2E
Upper Canada Atwood Delight EX-95 3E

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