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Brown Heaven Farm Classification Highlights

Brown Heaven Farm celebrated Valentine’s Day with a lovely classification round! Highlights from the farm include 15EX & 21VG with an average of 88.8 for the Brown Heaven prefix!

Classification Highlights

  • Biver Firework VG-86 1st calf
  • Norwin Spottie Dally VG-86 1st calf
  • Fara Seaman VG-85 1st calf (owned by Roger and Claudine Vannod)
  • Vassli Funny VG-85 1st calf
  • Glenn Frosty VG-88
  • Thunder Emilia VG-87 2nd calf (owned by Roger and Claudine Vannod)
  • Richard Flora VG-85 2nd calf (owned by Roger and Claudine Vannod)
  • Thunder Dooleys VG-87 3rd calf
  • Jetway Fiona EX-90 4E (co-ownership with Fred Mathys and Rejean Mathys)

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October 23, 2019:

The month of October has been a great one for Brown Heaven Farm. They have updated their Facebook page with their recent classification results, WDE show results and photos.

Classification results
Brown Heaven Carter Fortuna VG85 1st calf
Brown Heaven Big Star Charmin VG85 1st calf
Schweizer Dynamite Chanel VG86 1st calf(owned by Ferme Hans)
Brown Heaven GenoxBoy Bubblegum VG88 2nd calf
Brown Heaven Biver FrenchFries EX90
Brown Heaven Biver SweetyDally EX91
Brown Heaven Biver Fay EX92
Brown Heaven KingPin Twitie EX93 2E
Color Blind S Delilah EX90 3E
Castel Fastbreak Chitpits EX90 5E

Herd Classification 18 EX 17VG 3GP with a 88,4 points average

WDE highlight results
Brown Heaven Carter Falby 8th winter calf
Brown Heaven Carter Burberry 7th Junior 2yr old
Brown Heaven Glenn Frosty 10th Junior 3yr old
6th Junior Best of 3
3rd Produce of Dam
4th Senior Best of 3
2nd Premier Breeder
2nd Premier Exhibitor

August 29, 2019: Brown Heaven Farm recently attended the Supreme Dairy Show in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC and had some really exciting results! They have updated their Facebook page with their show highlights!

May 24, 2019: Silver Top DY Charlotte EX-94 5E MS95 recently received a Lifetime Production Award. In 7 lactations she produced 115,742kg, 5.0% Fat, 3.9% Protein!

March 29, 2019: Brown Heaven Farms has updated their Facebook page with their Lot 79 consignment information which is selling today at the Vente Progression Sale!

March 23, 2019: Brown Heaven Farms has updated their Facebook page with their embryo consignment information which will sell at the National AGM!

February 27, 2019: Brown Heaven Farms has updated their Facebook page with their 2018 All-Canadian results!

January 23, 2019: Brown Heaven Farms announced the sad passing of Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy EX-97 2E. ‘Brown Heaven – The team behind Fantasy’ was featured in our Winter 2016 issue.

January 3, 2019:  Brown Heaven farms had a great classification on December 4th, 2018. Their recent classification brought their herd average to 88,05 points.

Highlights included:

  • Norwin Simply Dally GP84 1st calf (just fresh)
  • GenoxBoy Bubblegum VG85 1st calf
  • Norwin Fargo VG87 1st calf
  • Biver FrenchFries VG87 2nd calf
  • Biver Fay VG88 2nd calf
  • Thunder Dooleys VG86
  • Bonanza Chiquita EX91

September 21, 2018: Brown Heaven had a fantastic day at the 2018 Supreme Dairy Show in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC!
Highlights included:
– Brown Heaven Thunder Betsy – 1st 5 Year Old & HM Grand Champion
– Brown Heaven C Burberry – 1st Summer Yearling & Reserve Jr Champion
– 1st Breeders Herd (Jr & Sr)
– Premier Breeder & Exhibitor (Jr & Sr)

July 11, 2018: Classification results

Frootloops VG87 1st calf (Total x Fantasy)
Frosty VG86 1st calf (full sister to Fantasy)
Fiesta VG85 1st calf (selling in our Tag Sale)

Fanny VG88 2nd calf (full sister to Fantasy)
Best VG87 2nd calf (Kingpin x Betsy)
Diva VG87 2nd calf
Frikette VG85 2nd Calf(Lebron sister to Fantasy)

Timbits EX92 3rd calf (Fabulous x Tidbit and mother to Tutti, 1st Summer yearling NY spring show 2018)
Twitie EX91/94MS 3rd calf ( kingpin x Tootie, sister to Timbits)
Chiquita EX90 3rd calf (bonanza x Chipits)
Fancy EX90/93MS 3rd calf fresh 1 day(Jongleur x Fantasy, full sister to Winning Formula)
Betsy EX92 2E/95MS (Thunder x Butterfly)
Freckle EX92 2E/94MS (Manchester x Fantasy )
Sweet Dally EX91 3E (Traction x Sexy Dally)
Peka EX90 4E
Lucky EX93 5E (Zeus US now 11yr olds)
Charlotte EX94 5E (Dynasty now 12 yr olds)

Apr 26, 2018: Brown Heaven farm is located in Verchères, Quebec, Canada.  Verchères is located about 40 minutes Northeast of Montreal, along the Saint Lawrence River. The operation consists of Josee Charron, Dave Rousseau and Gilbert Charron. Josee and Dave are the 5th generation to farm on the family homestead. They began their journey with the Brown Swiss breed 12 years ago. The operation currently consists of 40 Cows and 35 heifers.

Key characteristics that Brown Heaven Farm breeds for is good type, good production and a good udder. Giving you a strong & balanced cow in the end. They are currently using sires such as Biver, Phil, Salomon, Norwin, Dynamite, Cadence, Carter and a Fantasy son, Fast & Furious.

Brown Heaven has some exceptional cows that have put their name on the map. Brown Heaven Glenn Fantasy EX-97 2E stole the spotlight at the World Dairy Expo, bringing the Grand Champion title home twice. She is also a 5x All-Canadian and 4x All-American winner.

Brown Heaven Tract Sweet Dally EX-91 2E is a 3x All-Canadian. As well, Brown Heaven J Butterfuly EX-92 is a 2x All-Canada.

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