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2%, whole milk taken from Wash. state WIC program

If your food dollars come from the Women, Infants, and Children program (WIC) and you live in Washington State, you better get used to low fat milk, said the Washington State Department of Health on Tuesday in a press release.

“One percent and nonfat milk have the same nutrients as 2 percent and whole milk; the only difference is the amount of fat. One percent and nonfat milk have less calories and cholesterol,” said Cathy Franklin, nutrition coordinator for the state’s WIC program. “This will be new for some families, but we’re giving lots of support and information to help them make the change.”

However, children up to age two will get whole milk. Women and children who are prescribed 2 percent or whole milk by a health care provider can also receive the higher fat milk.

Washington’s WIC program serves over 300,000 women and children each year, in a state with a population of nearly 7 million. Incomes at or below 185% of poverty level qualify for WIC.

Source: Washington State Department of Health

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