She’s Worth the Money Sale 2019

April 5, 2019 @ Hutchinson, MN

She's Worth the MoneyThe She’s Worth the Money Sale was held April 5 in Hutchinson, MN. The sale was managed by Flower-Brook Registered Holsteins, Feltmann Dairy LLC, and included the dispersal of Hoese Holsteins.

Top selling lots include:

High Seller: Lot 36 – Stu-Felt Doorman Galaxy- $7500
EX-91 Junior 3-Year-Old Doorman X EX-91 2E Goldwyn
Sold by Andy Stuewe & Corey Feltmann, Hamburg, MN
Purchased by Stanley Hedge, Hico, TX

2nd High Seller: Lot 1 – Duckett Doorman Brook-ET – $6800
EX-92 4-Year-Old Doorman X EX-91 Atwood X EX-91 daughter of Regancrest-PR Barbie-ET
Sold by Hoese Holsteins, David & Cindy Hoese, Glencoe, MN
Purchased by Ron Roskopf, Hartford, WI

High Seller Jersey: Lot J16 – Flower-Brook Goggles-ET – $3700
Junior 2-Year-Old Colton granddaughter of Llolyn Jude Griffen-ET, Due 7/14/19
Sold by Flower-Brook, Hamburg, MN
Purchased by Kaleb, Cole & Carter Kruse, Dyersville, IA

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Sale Highlights

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LOT 1: Duckett Doorman Brook VG-88
-Sells in calf to Undenied
-her daughters sell as lot 2-8
-Backed by an incredible show record:

  • 3rd Sr 3yr Old Midwest Fall Nationa ’18
  • Res. All-Minnesota Sr 3yr Old ’18
  • Nom. All-American Milking Yearling ’16

Consigned by Hoese Holstein, MN

LOT 36: Stu-Felt Doorman Galaxy VG-87
-Sells Fresh March ’19
-2nd Jr 2yr Old Midwest Fall National ’18
Consigned by Andy Stuewe & Cory Feltmann, MN

LOT 49: Bevens-Creek Manitoba
-Doorman Sr 2yr Old sells bred to Dempsey
– Consigned by Feltmann Dairy Farms LLC
-Grand Dam Cookview Goldwyn Monique EX-96 EEEEE 3E show record:

  • All-American 4yr Old ’13
  • All-American & All-Canadian Sr 3yr Old ’12
  • Res. All-Canadian ’13
  • 1st 4yr, Res. Sr & Res. Grand IDW ’13
  • 1st Sr 3yr, Int & Res. Grand IDW ’12
  • 1st Sr. 3yr Old, Int Champ Royal ’12

LOT 65: Chelsea-BC Brady Angel (Atwood) sells!
-1st Milking Yearling Midwest Fall National ’18
– 1-10 175 15192 4.3% 658 3.1% 476
Consigned by Gale Hoese & Feltmann Dairy Farms LLC, MN

LOT 69: Chelsea-BC Solomon Aqua sells ready for the show season!
– Do not miss out on this stunning summer yearling!
Consigned by Gale Hoese & Feltmann Dairy Farms LLC, MN