Parrabel Rockstar Spectacular Sale

Oct 24, 2018 @ New South Wales, Australia

The Parrabel Rockstar Spectacular Sale takes place October 24, 2018, in New South Wales, Australia. This is the first Parrabel branded sale to take place in over 20 years! The sale will be hosted with Rocky Allen and Flanagan Marketing Services along with Elders will be selling the sale.

There will be something for everyone, Elite & Globally Unique Jersey’s, Holsteins (Red & White and Black & White) and Brown Swiss being sold.

The catalog is now online! Make sure to check out their Facebook HERE for photos & highlights!

Craig Cochrane 0407 418 094
Rocky Allen 0411 463 510
Jared Cochrane 0404 210 824
Alex Cochrane 0412 081 600

Mitch Flemming 0437 833 288
Dusty Schirm 815 670 2111


Click HERE to download the PDF or click the image below to view in fullscreen.

Early Sale Highlights