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Let’s mooove some milk with the #10GallonChallenge

Those of us that choose to be in the dairy industry know the work, love and passion that goes into ensuring our cows are treated with the upmost care. There are many reasons why we do this and being able to provide is on the top of the list. We want to be able to provide for our families and our consumers. The long days and hard work involved can wind up being a thankless job. Dairy farms more than ever, are struggling.

Ohio Farm broadcaster Ty Higgins, was growing frustrated as he continuously reported on the struggles these farms are being faced with. These struggles are out of the control of the dairy farms and unfortunately, many farms will struggle with trying to make a profit this year. So Ty came up with an idea that would not only hopefully benefit the dairy industry but also consumers in need.

The #10GallonChallenge, is how he hopes to do just that. Ty posted a video on Facebook, which has now generated over 161,302 views since he posted it on August 1st, 2018. His challenge is simple; “Let’s move some milk.” One of the most requested food items at our local food banks is to have cold, fresh milk. By purchasing the 10 gallons of milk, not only are we able to support the dairy industry, but also those in need within our community.

“I think everybody would like to be able to serve milk in their pantries,” said Monica Clare, Executive Director for St. Joseph’s Food Program. “We serve about 600 or 700 clients on a weekly basis, and they all can use milk.”

Members of the dairy industry are also showing their support for this challenge. Providing to the consumer is why they continue to do what they do. However, they are just like everyone else and they need to make a profit to continue doing what they are doing. So by doing something for their community, there is the hope that this may help drive up milk prices.

“It has been unbelievable to see posts and pictures on social media of people loading up on milk and taking it to those in need,” Ty Higgins told Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magazine. “The Challenge has been accepted in Washington, California, Arizona, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Ohio and all points in between. I know that this may make just a small dent in the current over supply of milk, but it has become a big way to make people aware of what the status of the dairy industry is today”

“I can’t thank everyone enough for taking this movement to a level I never expected,” exclaimed Ty.

Cowsmo’s Julie Ashton stepped up to the challenge and donated 10 gallons of milk to her local Women’s and family shelter. While doing so , she confirmed that milk is one of their most requested items.

“The shelter loved the idea of people donating milk to not only help farmers but also families in need,” said Julie.

So let’s get out there and support our dairy industry and community and ‘Let’s mooove some milk.’

To follow the #10GallonChallenge visit Ty’s page here.

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