'Baileys' judge seeking true type extra bit style

‘Baileys’ judge is seeking true type with extra bit of style

The judge of the forthcoming All-Ireland Diageo Baileys Champion Dairy Cow competition has been announced.

David Hodgson from England will be judging this years All-Ireland Diageo Baileys Champion Dairy Cow competition

He is David Hodgson from England and he says he will be looking out for “a cow that emulates the true type model, not necessarily big, but balanced with that extra bit of style.” David farms 350 acres just outside Carlisle, in partnership with his wife Louise and his parents. Their Wormanby Herd consists of 190 milking cows with an average of 11,000kg on twice a day milking. The Herd won the prestigious Holstein UK Premier Herd in 2015 and has been a Master Breeder Herd since 2009.

David has been on the Holstein UK National Judging Panel for the last 15 years. This will be David’s third time judging in Ireland, having judged Charleville a number of years ago and the All Ireland Calf Show just last year. He said he considered it an ‘honour to be asked to judge the Diageo Baileys Champion Cow because it was one of the most prestigious shows to be held in the UK and Ireland’.

The Diageo Baileys Champion Cow has a 10,000 Euro prize fund. It is co-sponsored by Glanbia Ireland, suppliers of cream to Diageo for Baileys and takes place on 22nd August at the Virginia Show in Co. Cavan.

Hilltara Lanthority Echo 2, the 2017 Diageo Baileys Cow Champion at the 76th Virginia Show. Pictured with handler Lindsey Fleming and owned by Sam McCormick, Co.Down


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