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August 2017 – Jersey Canada Top LPI Leaders

Hawarden Jace Pix EX-95, dam of new #1 LPI Sire Premier
Hawarden Jace Pix EX-95, dam of new #1 LPI Sire Premier

The Top 10 LPI leaders stay strong in Jerseys this genetic proof, representing a high level of stability among the breed leaders for both LPI and Pro$. For sires, the top five remain the same group for LPI while for Pro$ the highest seven bulls remain the same as last round. Hawarden Implus Premier takes #1 LPI (#2  Pro$, tied #8 Conformation) by surpassing the former leader, Sunset Canyon Dignitary-ET, now #2 LPI but stays strong at #1 Pro$ (#5 Fat). Also solid are ERTL Mantra, who maintains #3 ranking for both LPI and Pro$ (#10 Milk), and Heartland Merchant Topeka, still at #4 LPI (#12 Pro$, #6 Fat) but is now tied with River Valley Salinas Siren-ET (#4 LPI, #20 Pro$, #10 Fat, #7 Protein). In addition to Premier, Dignitary and Mantra, two other sires manage to achieve Top 10 status for both LPI and Pro$, namely BW Fastrack-ET at #6 LPI and #9 Pro$ (tied #8 Protein), as well as All Lynns Valentino Irwin-ET at #8 LPI and #4 Pro$. The Top 10 LPI list is completed by BW Renegade-ET at #7 (#24 Pro$, #7 Fat), Guimo Joel-ET at #9 (#26 Pro$, #2 Conformation) and Richies Jace TBone A364 at #10 (#38 Pro$). In addition to sires previously mentioned, the Top 10 Pro$ list also includes High Lawn Quake ET at #5 (#30 LPI, #1 Milk), All Lynns Louie Valentino-ET still at #6 (#26 LPI, #6 Milk), Sunset Canyon Dazzler-ET at #7 (#13 LPI) and ZJ Zuma at #8 Pro$ (#14 LPI).

This round also features the arrival of six newly proven sires that reach Top 25 status for LPI or Pro$.  The highest newcomer for both national indexes is Wilsonview IF Matt at #10 Pro$ and #12 LPI, who is the first son of Irwin proven in Canada. Jars of Clay Barnabas (Topeka  x Valentino) follows immediately at #11 Pro$ and occupies #23 LPI. Rowleys 11 Visionary Chili-ET is highest of the first two Visionary sons proven in Canada with his debut at #15 Pro$ and #18 LPI while also becoming the new #1 sire for Protein. Ahlem Consideration (Dominican x Legal) achieves proven status and lands at #17 LPI and #32 Pro$. Two other newcomers arrive among the Top 25 Pro$, namely Buttercrest Galvanize  (Valentino  x Jevon) at #23 (#29 LPI) and All Lynns Hendrix Nitro (Hendrix x TBone) at #25 Pro$ (#50  LPI, #3 Protein, #7 Milk).

Fermar Paramount Joy, 2E-94, dam of 6 cows in the Top 10 LPI and Top 10 Pro$
Fermar Paramount Joy, 2E-94, dam of 6 cows in the Top 10 LPI and Top 10 Pro$

For Jersey cows, nine of the previous Top 10 GLPI achieve this same elite status this round and the same is true for seven of the previous Top 10 for Pro$. Guimo Premier Joany ET continues as #1 for both GLPI and Pro$ as well as sharing #1 Conformation. Joany is followed on both lists by her sisters as Guimo Dynamic Joyce ET holds on to #2 GLPI (#7 Pro$), Guimo Zuma Julia ET stays solid at #2 Pro$ (#6 GLPI) and Guimo Premier Jade ET grabs #3 Pro$ (#5 GLPI, tied #1 Conformation). Three Vivaldi daughters maintain their  status among Top 10 GLPI cows this round, including Guimo Vivaldi Lysanne at #3 GLPI (#9 Pro$), Summum Vivaldi Ira at #4 GLPI (#4 Pro$, tied #8 Fat) and Gillard Vivaldi Viva at #7 GLPI (#49 Pro$, tied #10 Fat). The Top 10 GLPI list is completed by Lencrest Premier Coco ET at #8 (#53 Pro$), Bona Dimension Rickiki ET at #9 (tied #5 Pro$) and FDL Premier Belle at #10 GLPI (#13 Pro$).

Outside of cows already mentioned, the top Pro$ list includes two more Joany sisters, namely Guimo Spectacular Joelle (tied #5 Pro$) and Guimo Zuma Justine ET (#8 Pro$), who together also share #13 GLPI spot. The Top 10 Pro$ cows are rounded off by Unique HP Bobbi Jo {5}-ET (#10 Milk, tied #3 Protein) and Phylum Rene Angelil who share #10 Pro$ position and take #28 and #30 GLPI, respectively. Among the newly indexed cows this round it is Troiscotes Vivaldi Tirelire that achieves the highest ranking on the GLPI list at #11 (#122 Pro$) and is immediately followed by Phylum Titanium Valerie ET at #12 GLPI (#22 Pro$).

The highest new cows for Pro$ include All Lynns Dignitary Vensa at #16 (#23 GLPI, #3 Fat, tied #5 Protein), Reyla Nikon J’Adore ET at #17 (#18 GLPI, tied #6 Fat) and Phylum Chili Malda ET at #18 Pro$ (tied #53 GLPI, maternal sister to Valerie).

119591604D0029JE03756USA 67107510GHAWARDEN IMPULS PREMIER12225922339727837558235730.570.341098881091032.8510110610710110995105104
219391616I0007JE01150USA 117168941GSUNSET CANYON DIGNITARY−ET76129153496125789859756970.290.11043-12131002.7110105107969589104101
318161524I0200JE00180USA 67362213GERTL MANTRA791067409415779539625597-0.52-0.07997102841012.8510110799108961049998
417771245I0007JE01169USA 67332021GHEARTLAND MERCHANT TOPEKA−ET141292292798103281849747910.430.117937270943.079510697113979810199
417771123I0007JE01222USA 117653524GRIVER VALLEY SALINAS SIREN−ET405550089110785789554960.310.174772-277983.04999810198919810398
617761296I0007JE01190USA 117460119GBW FASTRACK−ET182724190110085719352930.190.1315241-401002.9610010210010296969997
717401101I0200JE00060USA 115883929GBW RENEGADE−ET16628932709857759839741840.740.26043-12031002.82102104101100929510096
817381515I0007JE01163USA 117423084GALL LYNNS VALENTINO IRWIN−ET8416012169611488742653471-0.22-0.13997134011032.8210310210010710310010597
917071069I0200JE00384CAN 106797223GGUIMO JOEL ET143221184997-1122062410310.170.21159914131181043.051011011011091029196103
101705988I0007JE01000USA 113672851GRICHIES JACE TBONE A36425466669675471709243870.450.23692264973.19710610499999910596
1116811048D0200JE00525USA 117973918GCOVINGTON MOZZI53633958918431608729630.730.3258241531022.9298991061009810610699
1216711291D0007JE01344USA 118367941GWILSONVIEW IF MATT−ET48721878780073477131680.08058275431012.851011051041069810010797
1316691324I0029JE03830USA 117925081GSUNSET CANYON DAZZLER−ET20291848737541304828610.130.1979354541052.7410210611010310310510599
1416641322D0236JE00146DNK 302730GDJ ZUMA20435109527837517729630.510.272615-2-2-11022.55105101109100106100101100
151662878I0007JE01196USA 117350690GMAINSTREAM VALENTINO STOUT−ET24423718677672517748920.170.253694-164962.949910697991039710396
1616601116I0200JE00511CAN 107206271GVERMALAR BRUCE ET871246769327937416420450.360.13793942-31052.8210210110310010610010698
1716541014D0200JE00224USA 71199739GAHLEM CONSIDERATION31512148617530638928610.780.324774031992.8510010410697104103103102
1816471198I0029JE03867USA 118201001GROWLEYS 11 VISIONARY CHILI−ET28371338315129565906199-0.160.05-322-2-51-4992.8810010410710110210010092
1916441223I0001JE00711USA 67129272GSWEETIE PLUS IATOLAS BOLD {5}6513112999618499857846199-0.47-0.1215210-12972.7810210598951009610595
2016341220I0029JE03506USA 61929249GTOLLENAARS IMPULS LEGAL 233−ET14438549889910498340624589-0.180.075826-24-3992.93991031081031089910098
2116301141I0236JE00003DNK 301592GQ IMPULS6516928589992077709255970.320.28-417-7-3511002.96961071129410493104101
211630788D0200JE00195USA 117496796GCOVINGTON MILAD−P−ET51566149017630979929631.250.322610-592983.07989910310310610110196
2316281253I0007JE01294USA 67342492GJARS OF CLAY BARNABAS26371498411968756833879-0.09-0.1389410054982.9698104991061008710297
241622787D0200JE00470CAN 105752959GCOMESTAR JDF BEAUTIFULL ET495566190-3823223915360.350.241199814371002.97100101999910310593100
251616787D0200JE00516USA 117763717GSUNSET CANYON MASERATI−ET557354591-1124809527591.140.394772-281973.0497981011009693104108
2616141387I0007JE01038USA 116279413GALL LYNNS LOUIE VALENTINO−ET20247347789916319742654489-0.52-0.2479310043992.88100105991071049310596
2715801172D0029JE03761USA 117222740GALL LYNNS LEGAL VISIONARY−ET48788689511308634534690-0.320.033696-20-3992.91991001061019896101101
281575600I0007JE01071USA 67251066GFREEMAN BLACKSTONE SHINE−ET34578699158659467038790.220.214776131972.9898101919698959997
2915741110I0007JE01151USA 117275551GBUTTERCREST GALVANIZE20342568912478838614489-0.33-0.064777100982.891001049710710110010495
3015631400D0200JE00501USA 117467497GHIGH LAWN QUAKE−ET35434558719939939624892-0.79-0.3436944421002.9499103103101107102108100
311548858I0200JE00207USA 117655133GALL LYNNS VINNIE−ET59695829176272669142860.360.180431013963.03979694103107103100102
3215451170D0200JE00505CAN 107310227GGLADALE MONSIEUR ET28332568560061335332690.030.1204321-561082.77105105971029810797107
3315441162I0011JE00978USA 115611760GBW KARBALA−ET2542449908907744672454-0.02-0.1479373491042.7110110510099989910294
3315441002I0007JE00821USA 114245720GMAACK DAIRY SPECTACULAR−ET24548289131839467022470.430.153691321982.8107105107106106859999
351542670D0200JE00946USA 114247610GSUNSET CANYON DICE−ET2444156227982726598728610.810.37-2281-2-6-41002.78106111931069410210598
3615411053I0007JE01211USA 67184469GDUTCH HOLLOW POLARIS {6}−ET56838829313499247714489-0.26-0.09152-1401982.881031081019910410099100
371540658D0007JE01238CAN 107316277GHAUTPRE LUCHANEL FAKIR26352258565261669137770.470.17-228-3341962.9610010198949698100103
381537934I0200JE00514USA 67431362GDP FRONTRUNNER−ET66986509443146527923500.410.0847714501012.77102102103991039310299
3915321011D0200JE00314CAN 9240969GHOLLYLANE LILIBET’S LEGACY66418233073599-10720163414350.310.2526134-511102.781089810510210510096102
401530845D0200JE00495CAN 105887555GBONA RICK2536477855395525433065-0.030.1347743031032.821041029696104102100102
4115271044D0200JE00383CAN 107354358GGUIMO TANGO35423818714329244217400.230.1758262231072.981029710510510392102103
4215261044I0029JE03301USA 112118277GSC GOLD DUST PARAMOUNT IATOLA−4441261206879945548254320450.040.0368868-261042.821011051029810510510198
431525829D0147JE06185USA 116697813GGABYS TBONE BRANSON−ET76117149195-5622477111320.710.19688724-21012.9999971071001049310999
441523800I0200JE00453CAN 104747713GHAUTPRE FEDERER29275008633140558226570.540.1904312-4-21032.9810110599102969810199
4515141012D0200JE00208USA 117593774GBLUE MIST MOJAVE−ET42525318876772538132690.180.044774-1411002.8710010296106105100103103
461511735D0007JE01088USA 66738335GCHILLI ACTION COLTON−ET77109139794-10521335310310.560.2793845-11043.01979810410597969695
471507765D0200JE00527CAN 107824828GFDL BIEBER3037170848247523424286-0.240.1436961-1-1973.0298100971009894101100
481501905I0007JE01010USA 115863934GALL LYNNS MAXIMUM VICTORY−ET3145398881078831029947910.640.07-77-7-4-5-2972.949910597999999108100
491500829I0007JE00922USA 115262957GROCHA IATOLA WALKER−ET264167590-587629473190.870.3947754-251092.8610110110410110710810398
5014991082I0007JE01242USA 117951556GALL LYNNS HENDRIX NITRO27572308916069741645798-0.52-0.05-322-1-5-211002.9899100107971029510094

Source: Canadian Dairy Network

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