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AJCA Releases Top Newly Genotyped Males

The February run of Jersey genomics is in, and the AJCA has released the list of the top newly genotyped males for the breed. Complete listings are found below.

The top three individuals on the list were all bred by Ahlem Farm Jerseys/Partnership of California. The highest ranking of the three was Ahlem Badger Comic 22668-ET coming in at GJPI+238, with +883M +64F +37P +605NM$ +1.4PTAT and +16.20JUI. He is a Faria Brothers Badger out of a VG82 BW Renegade. He is owned by Ahlem Farms Partnership.

Ranking second is Ahlem Farm Cascade-ET at +213GJPI +939M +44F +40P +502NM$ +1.13PTAT +16.90JUI. Cascade is a Schultz Volcano Harris from a VG87 Tollenaars Impuls Legal, and is owned by ABS Global.

The third highest newly genotyped bull in the Jersey breed in the US is Ahlem Palmer Shire 22674 GJPI+209, with +1217M +38F +35P +494NM$ +1.4PTAT +18.90JUI. He is a Blue Mist Medalist Palmer out of a VG 86 All-Lynn Louie Valentino, and is owned by Ahlem Farms Jerseys.

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