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AJCA Releases Top GJPI Polled Females

The February run of Jersey genomics is in, and the AJCA has relased the top polled females. See the complete list below.

Topping the list at GJPI+2o9 is Kash-In Plus 41433-P-ET, with +1230M +68F +46P +545NM$ and JUI+15.8. She is a Sweetie Plus Iatolas Bold daughter of an EX90 BW Venerable. She is owned by Rancho Teresita Dairy.

Coming in second on the polled list is Heartland Santana Arlene-P-ET at GJPI+206, with +760M +68F +41P +500NM$ and +17.5JUI. She is a Kash-In Santana-P daughter of a VG86 Heartland Merchant Topkea. She is owned by Heartland Jerseys.

Rounding out the top three is GJPI+199 Faria Brothers Cris Paloma-P-ET, with +1008M +64F +34P +511NM$ and +11.4JUI. She is owned by Faria Brothers Dairy and is a Jer-Z-Boyz Cris-P out of a VG88 Sunset Canyon Target.

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