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ZBW Mason Herd Gets New Scores

Mason Ziemba of Durhamville, NY scored Jerseys and Holsteins from his ZBW Mason herd earlier this week and had some impressive results to report!

JerseysMason 11-22
1st lactation:
Random Luck Premier Again VG-89-MAX
Underground Elsas Envy VG-88
ZBW Masons Kid Rock Songs VG-85

2nd lactation:
Lone Pine Nighttrain Lula EX-91-MAX
Whitdale Black Apple Vanilla EX-90
Four-Hills Casino Big Bucks EX-90

3rd lactation:
TNT Texas July EX-93-MAX
Budjon Colton G-Force EX-91

Pine-Tree 9839 Fraz 7613 EX-93
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