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Exciting Classification day for Stunning and Tramilda Holsteins

Stunning Holsteins and Tramilda Holsteins in Montezuma, GA  recently held a classification with exciting results – 10 EX and 75 VG! See highlights below.

Ty-D Chill Slice  EX-92 Max Score
Tramilda Bandares Jane  EX-92  94-MS
Tramilda Brady Paris EX-92 2E
Tramilda Jedi Spree EX-91  92-MS
Tramilda Jedi Golden EX-91  93-MS
Tramilda K Royal Itunes EX-91  93-MS
Rotaly Crushabull Lashes EX-90  91-MS
Stunning-M Sid Taylor EX-90  92-MS
Stunning-M Corvette Stellar EX-90  EX-MS
Tramilda Apple Crisp Barbie EX-90  91-MS

Savage-Leigh Charisma Betty VG-88
Nisly-Gen Rager Donut-Red VG-87
Tramilda Excalibur Aroma VG-87
Tramilda-AT Knosha lollipop VG-86
Stunning Hardrock Chiffon VG-86
Stunning-M Basic Wildina VG-86
Tramilda Excalibur Bee VG-86
Stunning Basic Nelly VG-86
Tramilda Duke Golden VG-86
Tramilda Tatoo Missy VG-85
Tramilda Solution Rissa VG-85
Tramilda Rager Marci-Red VG-85
Ms Stunning Noble Jess VG-85
Stunning-M Excalibur Bianca VG-85
Stunning Cherish VG-85
Stunning-M Apple Crisp Light VG-85
Tramilda Duke Jackie VG-85



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