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Visit dairy farms digitally with FarmVisit, the new tool for advisors

Maassluis – After the successful introduction of Lely T4C InHerd in September 2013, Lely adds a new tool to its mobile farm management system. This tool, called FarmVisit, enables farmers to share key performance indicators with their advisors in order to make more, better and faster use of their expertise.

FarmVisit is a major step forward in the information exchange of dairy farms. From now on advisors will be able to check farm performances on their mobile device when and wherever they want. Different graphs show the current situation compared with previous month’s and  year’s results. From this information it is clear what the trends are and where results can be improved.

The advisor can store notes in the graphs so that it is easy to check if the situation has improved after the given advice.

The dairy farmer gives permission to the advisor to access the data after receiving an invitation from them by email. After approval from the dairy farmer the advisor will be able to see the farm’s key performance indicators. This up-to-date information on e.g. milk production, feed efficiency and reproduction can be used to help the farmer to achieve the specific individual farm objectives.

FarmVisit is the tenth Lely T4C InHerd tool that makes farm management information available for mobile devices. This tool can be downloaded for free via Google Play and the Apple App Store. More information about Lely T4C InHerd in general and FarmVisit in particular can be found at

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