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Vanvalley Epic Siiri Is 2022 BC Holstein Cow of the Year

The 2022 British Columbia Cow of the Year was announced recently by the BC Holstein Association and the winner is:

Vanvalley Epic Siiri EX-90-2E-CAN 5*. Bred by the Ben Van Boven & family in Duncan, BC, Siiri was the ultimate package of functionality. She produced 173,875 liters of milk (383,325 lbs) in her lifetime, with a top record of  17,105kg 616kg 3.6% f 482kg 2.9%p in 365d days at 13-01 (37,710M 1358F 1063P) with a BCA of  316-309-277.

Her first calf was a bull, but then she had 12 natural females after that. Her nine classified daughters are all Good Plus or better with three being scored VG-88 and two more at VG-85. She has two more heifer yet to calve, and she looks to gain more brood cow stars as her progeny continue to add lactations and classifications.

Currently 1/3 of the VanValley herd are descendants of  Siiri.  Congratulations to the VanBoven family, Ben & Margie and Matt & Darbi for winning 2022 BC Cow of the Year!

2022 BC Cow of the year finalists included:

Lavender Shottle Rosey EX-91-5E-CAN 7* – Lavender Farms Ltd.
Sunnyhome Shottle Marilyn EX-91-5E-CAN 12* – Sunnyhome Farms
Vanvalley Epic Siiri EX-90-2E-CAN 5* – Vanvalley Farm Ltd.

Willwikk Baxter Dottie EX-91-6E-CAN 3* – J. William Wikkerind Farms Ltd.

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